Supply Y -type filter

Supply Y -type filter

Product description:

GL41HY Flange filters Product Description :

Flange filter Overview

Flange filter is a device pipeline series indispensable transmission medium, usually installed at the inlet end of the valve, pressure relief valve, water valve or other device used to eliminate impurities in the medium, in order to protect the valve and the normal use of the equipment. the flange filter has advanced structure, small resistance, sewage and convenient, suitable medium for water, oil, gas. According to user requirements filter, its basically the same shape (Y -type ), all internal parts made โ€‹โ€‹of stainless steel, durable. when you need cleaning, simply remove the removable cartridge, remove the filter out impurities, you can reload, use and maintenance is very convenient. the filter small shape, fine filter eye , low resistance, high effectiveness, easy installation and maintenance, low cost, and emission time is short, the general model were small, only 5-10 minutes.
General pass water network for the 18-30 mesh / cm 2 Ventilation mesh 40-100 mesh / cm 2 , 100-300 mesh net through the oil / cm2.

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