3D Matrix HDMI Switch 1080p 3input 1 output

3D Matrix HDMI Switch 1080p 3input 1 output

Product description:

Product Description


Switching from 3 Digital-Video (DVI) or Digital-Audio Video (HDMI) Sources

Digital TV; HDMI Flat Panel Monitors; HDTV

DVD Players; Satellite Receivers; Set-Top Boxes

Digital Projectors

Audio Video Receivers

Other HDMI-Enabled devices


Compatible with HDMI or DVI, HDCP-enabled HDTV

Backward compatible with DVI

Each port supports HDMI or DVI inputs

Supports high video resolution up to 1920*1200 including 720p, 1080i and even upcoming 1080p.

Differential Interface compatible with Transition Minimized

Differential Signaling (TMDS) Electrical Specification

Supports Both Video and Audio Signals

Supports signaling rates up to 1.65Gbps of UXGA Display

Ensures the high definition signal is sent through without any signal loss

Plug and Play, No software installation is required.

Easy to install and simple to link any three/ five sources to one HDTV display

Supports single high definition display for multiple sources; such as DVD Players and Satellite Receivers; Digital Projectors; A/ V receivers; Set Top Boxes

Cost effective solution (No need to buy more HDTV displays)

Space saving solution (allows multiple sources to share one HDTV display)

Encloses a Remote Control for operational flexibility and easy control

Eliminates a hassle for disconnection and reconnection of multiple video sources

LED indications for operation power modes

Optimizes system performance through 5-meter or longer DVI compliant cables

ROHS Compatible and 260°C Reflow Rated