Column type curing machine 300*300*2

Column type curing machine 300*300*2

Product description:

Function: mainly used in Vulcanized rubber, plastic products and model products. Energy-saving hydraulic four column curing press the machine structure, mainly by the host, hydraulic and electric control cabinet. Features: host has base, plunger, platform, beam, and other parts. Beam, activities respectively, equipped with high quality heat insulation plate between the platform and the hot plate to prevent heat and heat transfer to the active platform, causing fluid temperature.

Application and performance:

Curing machine for O-rings, cell phones, computer keyboards, remote controls and other key products and a pressure cooker, rice cooker gaskets, household accessories, food, health, medical equipment accessories. Nipples, medical supplies, health supplies, crafts, toys, seals, conductive rubber, automotive rubber parts, rubber parts, medical products, sports equipment, various types of vessels, complex multi-layer molded silicone and rubber parts of the production, processing, and so on.

Pre: before you purchase, please be sure to get in touch with our customer consultants; Detailed consultations; Understand thoroughly before they can make a decision; Our company in addition to standard machine can also according to the different product requirements of the production process; Professional engineering designers can also separate special custom design to its! give us a confidence you are surprise! this is our heartfelt wish!

Sales: 100T flat vulcanizing machine, standard models are in stock and above 100T equipment needs customized stock model to be shipped, customized models need to advance 30% advance balance paid before shipment.

Sale: equipment, three bags a year service

Product specifications: model XLB-DQ (column)

300*300*2XLB-DQ (String)

400*400*2XLB-DQ (String)

500*500*2XLB-DQ (String)

450*450*2XLB-DQ (cylindrical)

600*600*2XLB-DQ (String)

750*850*2 (4) nominal clamping force (MN) 0.250.500.801.001.001.60 hot plate size (mm) 350*350400*400500*500450*450600*600750*850 hot plate spacing (mm) 125125150150150125:222222 (4) piston stroke (mm) 250250300300300250 (500) Hot plate unit area pressure (kg/cm) 203132492825 main motor power (KW)

Parents notice!!! Above parameters for reference purposes only, and does not fully represent the physical. You must get in touch with me before purchasing, consult our Technical Department for your request to elaborate, detailed technical parameters of the equipment to meet your requirements.