XLB-D vulcanizing machine | automatic sliding | Ejection

XLB-D vulcanizing machine | automatic sliding | Ejection

Product description:

Machine is suitable for curing all kinds of rubber and plastic model products and non-model products. The machine is column structure, in the form of repression under pressure (up) type plunger rise in the working fluid pressure, the piston drops (ie hot plate to open ) by a hot plate; platform and plunger weight; driven work flow back storage tank; reach decline (ie open) purposes.
The device consists of nodular cast iron cylinder made to improve the compressive strength and abrasion resistance. Cylinders placed rubber oil seals helpful, from the seal in the machine work. Combination pump is the power source of the machine work It is supplied with a certain fluid pressure working fluid through the control valve into the cylinder, the joystick to position different positions, the plunger can be raised or lowered.
The machine uses tubular electric heating element heats, no boiler, can reduce air pollution, keep the shop clean.

The main technical parameters

Nominal clamping force (mn) 0.50
Hot plate size (mm) 400X400
Hot plate spacing (mm) 125
Working layers 2
Plunger stroke (mm) 250

Hot plate per unit area pressure (Mpa)

Motor power (KW) 2.2
Dimensions (LXWXH) (mm) 2400X550X1500
Weight (kg) 1300