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Park Hang H250 machine tool castings

Park Hang H250 machine tool castings
  • Park Hang H250 machine tool castings
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Bed casting

Early casting sand high strength, the advantages of resin sand casting machine bed casting :

1, resin sand stiffness, this conditional use graphite cast iron solidification process of expansion, effectively eliminate shrinkage, shrinkage defects, to achieve gray iron, ductile iron castings riser small, non- riser casting.

2, solid casting used in the production of polystyrene foam appearance, taste furans application Resin Sand modeling. When the liquid metal poured into the mold, foam appearance rapid vaporization of liquid metal at high endless action, combustion and elimination Cardiff molten metal replaces the original position occupied by plastic bubble Wang, cooling solidified into the same shape and appearance of real castings.

3, relatively speaking, LFC car cover for the production of single pieces or small batch, the machine bed sand and other large molds and other radical has a great advantage, not only eliminates the noble wood-based costs, and ease of operation, shortening the production cycle, improve production efficiency, high dimensional accuracy, a small allowance, good surface quality and other advantages.