Park Air 300 * 400 cast iron Squares

Park Air 300 * 400 cast iron Squares

Product description:

cast iron Squares Used to test the right angle; measuring instruments squareness and parallelism errors; Squares : measuring surface and base surface perpendicular to each other, known as 90 ° Square .

Suitable for machine tools; verticality inspection machinery equipment and spare parts; Squares : Squares category includes feet, bending and other special tools 90 ° positioning device processing, scribing the machinery industry is an important measurement tool, is characterized by precision high stability, ease of maintenance .

Information HT200-250 mainly used for workpiece inspection and crossed at right angles, rectangular device : Press GB6092-85 specification during manufacturing apparatus and the adjusting device, inspection of parts or components related to the appearance of verticality .

Synonyms : ( cast iron rectangular feet ) ( feet vertical rectangular flat feet ) ( cast iron flat feet vertical ) ( Cartesian by foot ) (90 ° Square )