Park Hang HT250 cast iron platform

Park Hang HT250 cast iron platform

Product description:

Cast iron platform For marking and measuring precision parts, experiment, riveting, welding, basic, table, etc., can be said cast iron plate platform can be used to test mechanical parts flatness, parallelism, straightness tolerance and other forms of measurement reference. Face using scraping process, the working surface can be designed hole, rectangular hole, square hole, T-slot, U-groove, V-groove.

Cast iron platform Structural stability, testing iron plate specifically designed for large equipment base plate (platform) with a reasonable design, high precision, wear-resistant characteristics, can be realized 3000mm-6000mm flat stitching, the product is made by scraping or grinding. Wide used in machining, tool shop, machine (the seizure) repair workshop, testing, measuring and grinding of large equipment base, measuring rooms and precision machining, and can accurately measure, test workpiece flatness, straightness and angle tolerance values.

Cast iron platform Face hardness HB170-240, after two manual processing (annealing 600 degrees -700 degrees artificial and natural aging 2--3 years) use of the product accuracy and stability, good wear resistance.

Material: High-strength cast iron HT200-300.
Specifications: 100 * 100-3000 * 6000 (special specifications according to the demand side, drawing production).
Accuracy: according to the national standard verification procedures, namely 000,123 five grades.