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Park Hang marble platform 400 * 600

Park Hang marble platform 400 * 600
  • Park Hang marble platform 400 * 600
Product code: 16094500001
Unit price: 560-680 CNY
Reference price: 81.35-98.78 USD
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Using high-quality natural materials machined granite platform, marble tablet has: high precision, no rust, acid, non-magnetized, the same type, wear resistance and good granite platform can be heavy duty and general temperature. maintaining stable production company granite platform precision measuring tools Hand lapping from.

Granite platform for instrumentation; precision tools; mechanical parts of the test; marble slab: precision reference datum of natural stone materials made measuring tools are ideal, especially for high-precision measurement aspects .

After millions of years of natural aging; form extremely stable; marble slab: based on the quality of underground rock layers do not worry because the conventional temperature and deformation granite platform through rigorous physical testing and selection of granite materials, fine crystalline,. hard texture due to the granite-based nonmetallic materials, no magnetic response, no plastic deformation. granite platform of its high hardness, and therefore insist on good precision.

Most of it out of fresh ballast granite slab superior quality cast iron and steel production, precision measurement reference parts, marble slab: Even rock tools in use by heavy bump to obtain high and stable accuracy production company. 1000630mm00 grade granite slab granite slab, resting place a year later, still adhere to the original accuracy of the same.