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750mm pasture film

750mm pasture film
  • 750mm pasture film
  • 750mm pasture film
  • 750mm pasture film
  • 750mm pasture film
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Forage film : imported linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE), metallocene polyethylene as the main raw material, the three-tier co-extruded cast production process colors white, black, and green -based, the thickness of 15μm-50μm, width. . 250mm-1000mm I forage membrane characteristics:

•. Sticky film surface, good adhesion between the levels, oxygen-impermeable packaging, impervious, formed inside an anaerobic environment .

• stable, resistant to sunlight ( UV ) damage ( exposed to the outdoors for two years )

• Film opaque, ensure low transmittance, avoid heat accumulation .

• film has sufficient strength, including : tensile strength, tear strength and puncture resistance, to ensure that the process does not damage grass silage, maintaining an anaerobic environment.

• High load retention ( holding wrapped firmly )

• membrane soft, low temperature, cold environment, not brittle, cracking.