Pasture film, export-oriented products

Pasture film, export-oriented products

Product description:

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Forage film as the world's most advanced technology packaging silage; in Europe; the United States; Australia and other countries and regions have been widely used and has ten years of mature experience; the company usually has three colors available: white , black and green; in three colors forage silage film is not in terms of quality and storage time significantly different white film more, can reduce thermal damage than the heat reflective film black, small green film visual stimulation.
Pasture film features:
A. film surface sticky, good adhesion between the level of packaging oxygen impermeable. Impervious formed inside an anaerobic environment.
B. films have sufficient strength, comprising: tensile strength, tear strength and puncture resistance guaranteed not damaged during grass silage, maintaining an anaerobic environment.
C. membrane soft, low temperature, cold environment is not brittle. Cracking.
D. film opaque, to ensure low light transmittance and avoid heat accumulation.
E. Long life, wrapped bales can be stored field 1--2 years.
F can produce a variety of colors according to customer requirements
Forage film wrapping silage advantages:
A. less investment and quick, high overall efficiency.
B. silage good quality, high crude protein content, low crude fiber content, high digestibility, palatability, fragrance and substantial increase in livestock meat. Milk quality and yield.
C. wasted little damage, mildew damage and feeding losses are greatly reduced.
D. long shelf life of up to 1--2 years.
E. from seasonal, sun, rain and groundwater impact, can be stacked in the open air.
F. convenience store, convenient to take feed.
G. conducive to transport and commercialization, used stretch film can be reused, improving the environment, no pollution, no liquid leakage into the ground