Box-type agitator Star J410-1000

Box-type agitator Star J410-1000

Product description:

3. Turn on the turbo agitator

Open turbo agitator divided into: 1) four flat leaves turbo agitator 2) six flat leaves turbo agitator 3) four cone leaves turbo agitator 4) four sway leaves opening turbo agitator 5) six sway leaves opening turbo agitator 6) four bent leaves turbo agitator 7) six bend leaves turbo agitator 8) Six gold leaf Bulma agitator

Such blender features: axial flow better convection cycle capability and turbulent diffusion capability, ideal for mixing, micro sticky crystals dispersed, reaction, dissolution, suspension, heat transfer operations.

The disc turbine agitator

This blender is divided into: 1) six flat leaves turbo agitator disc 2) six straight holes leaf disc turbine agitator 3) six pitched blade disk turbine agitator 4) six After diagonal leaf disc turbine agitator 5) six curved leaf disc turbine agitator 6) six arrows leaf disc turbine agitator 7) six arc leaf disc turbine agitator 8) six Straight unidirectional leaf disc turbine agitator 9) six-way curved leaf disc turbine stirrer

Such blender features: runoff type; appear before the concave curved blade; there is a very strong radial displacement and dispersion forces; make gas - liquid emulsion sufficient; mass transfer; its dispersing ability and mass transfer higher than six pieces of flat leaf disc turbine agitator 15% and 20%; particularly suitable for dissolved oxygen in fermentation processes used for similar operations; also be used for gas absorption; mixing; dispersion and mass transfer operations