Enamel reactor

Enamel reactor

Product description:

A stirred tank Usage and characteristic www.zbhx.netwww.sdzbhx.com

Table means for material mixing tank stirring; mixed; reconcile; homogenization; stainless steel stirred tank production process according to the requirements of the design structure and distribution

Set standardizes and humane. Stirred tank in the mixing process can achieve feed control, discharge control, stirrer control and other manual and automatic control

Stirred tank mixing tank by the stirring tank structure; stirring lids; blender; bearing; gear; shaft sealing devices and other components; also based on

Process required to configure devices or cooling devices heated with stirring tank, stirring lid, blender, seal and other selected materials according to different

Process requires selection of carbon steel or stainless steel and other materials to produce stirring and stirring tank lid sealing flange coupling can be coupled or welded.

Stirring and stirring tank lids can be moved into the material according to process requirements; discharge; observation; temperature; pressure measurement; steam fractionation; other technology safety vent hole

Stir the upper lid is equipped with gear (motor or reducer), driven by a shaft stirred tank agitator shaft package

Set can be mechanical seal or packing, labyrinth seals and other forms (determined according to user needs). Since the production process requirements of different users, stir

Configurable paddle stirrer, anchor type, frame type, spiral type and other forms. If other requirements can be linked with the factory, separate design.

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