Propeller stirrer

Propeller stirrer

Product description:

Defined blender: liquid, gaseous medium and forced convection type mixing device uniformly stirrer, size and speed, the stirring power distribution between the overall flow and turbulence have influence in general, turbine stirring. Power distribution is favorable for turbulence, and propeller stirrer favorable overall liquidity for the same type of agitator, in power consumption under the same conditions, a large diameter, low speed mixer, power is mainly consumed in the Overall flows conducive macro-mixing small diameter, high-speed blender, power consumption in major turbulence conducive to micro-mixing agitator enlargement is a complex issue and process-related, so far only through the progressive experience enlarge , obtained according to the criterion of amplification, extrapolated to an industrial scale.

Blender can be divided into:

One or two leaves paddle stirrer

Second, clover paddle stirrer

Third, the helical type stirrer

Fourth, the box-type stirrer

Fifth, open turbine agitator

Six disk turbine agitator

Seven, screw ribbon blender

Eight special purpose stirrer

Nine, enamel stirrer

Ten, corrosion stirrer Zibo, Star Transmission Machinery Plant Address:

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3. spiral stirrer

Such blender can be divided into: 1) variable cross-section spiral stirrer 2) trefoil propeller stirrer 3) Three rear leaf spiral agitator 4) four rear leaf spiral agitator 5) four-leaf spiral stirrer 6) serrated spiral stirrer

Such blender features: such a stirrer is wide range of applications of high performance axial flow type agitator, which exclude good performance, low shear force at low speed was convective circulation, was turbulent at high dispersed state. larger leaf angle and twist the agitator blade enables flow even during the turbulent transition can achieve higher flow field, which drain your ability to promote traditional agitator increased by 30%. suitable for mixing low viscosity, dissolved, suspended solids, heat transfer, reaction, mass transfer, extraction, crystallization operation.