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Shandong Zibo glass crafts ceramic disc auto mug gift mug couple cups of high-grade bone china tableware mug

Shandong Zibo glass crafts ceramic disc auto mug gift mug couple cups of high-grade bone china tableware mug
  • Shandong Zibo glass crafts ceramic disc auto mug gift mug couple cups of high-grade bone china tableware mug
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Color: Green Microwave: Not available Applicable scene: tea, food, arts and crafts
Item No: DSC04154 Material: Glass Custom processing:
Shape: irregular shape Disposable supplies: No Occasions for gifts: business gifts, holiday, housewarming, birthday, wedding, awards Memorial, fairs, anniversary celebration, opening ceremony, employee benefits, public relations planning
Style: Creative Pattern: Flowers Product Category: bowls, dishes, plates suit
Brand: Winterthur

Bent glass is designed to meet the needs of high-quality modern architecture, softened by the heating curve quality glass, shaped in a mold, and then annealed curved bent glass surface made of glass. Style beautiful, flowing lines. It broke through the plate glass unity, more flexible and varied use, suitable for dining table special requirements balcony. mobile counter cosmetics counters. bending TV cabinets, doors, windows, roof, walls, and other different shapes. various compound to produce hollow, laminated, etc. Type bent glass products, according to customer requirements tailored.

Bent Glass from the shape classification, can be divided into single bend, bending, composite curved three categories.

For a single curved architectural glass, the glass bending is relatively easy, but many manufacturers are often in a straight line from the article is substantially curved side edges 150mm, and not a good fit with the mold, some in excess of standard requirements, cause installation difficulties to solve this problem, first requires bending furnace electric heating arrangement to be reasonable, to achieve local heating, place the direction of the article should be consistent with the direction of the electric wire.

Bending bent glass are common aquarium glass and glass counters, glass bending biggest technical challenge is straight edge bent at the knuckle prone to mold marks and other defects. So curved glass are also common, such as spherical glass, turning arch shaped corridor, glass wash basins, etc., this glass in the bending operation requires a high technical level, making precision molds, and some need professional bending furnace to complete.


Aesthetics: intermediate curved shape connectionless barge port, beautiful lines, to achieve the overall harmonious mood.
Specificity: can be made according to the requirements of various irregular curved surface.

Market conditions

With the increasing level of industrial progress and people's living standards, bent glass in architecture, civil applications use more and more. Architectural bent glass is mainly used for building exterior decoration, skylight, sightseeing elevator, arched corridors etc. civilian bent glass is mainly used as glass furniture, glass aquarium, glass wash basin, glass counters, glass ornaments, etc. Our architectural bent glass in the construction of large area first appeared in 1989, after increasing every year. Rewan The market began to extremely hot glass.