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Factory pin ceramic color changing mug | Advertising Cup various cups | glaze porcelain cup | Good Porcelain Network Optimization

Factory pin ceramic color changing mug | Advertising Cup various cups | glaze porcelain cup | Good Porcelain Network Optimization
  • Factory pin ceramic color changing mug | Advertising Cup various cups | glaze porcelain cup | Good Porcelain Network Optimization
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Capacity: 301-400ml Style: Creative Product Category: Mug
Function: high temperature Material: Ceramic Shape: Heart

A variety of fine department stores OUR professional wholesale creative gifts, couple cups, craft ornaments, tea sets, cups, hotel porcelain, ceramic knives, advertising cups, welcomed the new and old customers to consult and order!

Winterthur novel and unique household items, home decoration has become one of the modern home life indispensable. Creative household products not only meet the practical function, but also a unique design to impress people, to meet people's spiritual needs. Creative home as part of the rapid development of creative industries in the world. With the increased levels of domestic consumption, creative home rapid warming in the country, some local and original designs have become creative home to promote domestic industry an important force in creative household items from Korea , Taiwan is now an irresistible trend sweeping the world! In Korea, groceries art has prevailed for a long time, Europe and the United States in recent years increasing emphasis on creative home charm, especially the pressure to bring people all the time in a busy social rhythm, the fashion home charm to relieve some of the pressure of life, the spice of life and work.

Winterthur Product Features

Winterthur household products are popular, of course, it is the most intuitive understanding of his 'novel'! Winterthur total of eight household characteristics attracted 10-40 year-olds, in the end-what let him have such charm? We together to uncover this mystery -

Features one: core features as 'creative' This is the essential difference between him and the conventional home appliances Winterthur is no ordinary household items on the street, at home everywhere you pots and pans creative household items in addition to much more... Good to meet this practicality, but also have creative point of appearance, function and other aspects of shine.

Features two: Winterthur household contains artistic characteristics, the designer's effort and inspiration created from the traditional household design elements rarely, anyway, on this kind of basic, but the size, color and other aspects of some small differences. .

Features three: Cartoons, toys and other forms is the most usual form of Winterthur home carrier, express some interesting shapes, or the performance of some of the classic tale with humor, witty style won the young people's favorite Additionally, the expression of warmth. , fun Winterthur is also a great household existence, as long as you like, you can freely choose.

Features Four: Creative household items in general, are lightweight, environmentally friendly materials carefully crafted organic material used more, non-toxic and tasteless, some upscale creative household items also used a lot of high-tech new material yet. !

Features five: Creative home appliances emphasize combining function, many of them with a variety of functions, set ornamental and practical as a whole.

Features six: Creative household items are rare in the market is mainly its special design and production processes, design work account for a large amount, it will not a lot of popularity in the market, of course, one day, something. Now creative household items can be seen everywhere in the market and if, that it is not creative household items, and on the downgrade as ordinary household items.

Features seven: In comparison, the price will be creative household items household items slightly higher than traditional This is mainly because of the high cost of their design and manufacture, production of small, limited sales caused by scarcity. Well, you can understand it!

Features eight: Creative home supplies major consumer groups is 10 to 40 years old stages of the urban population thought the forefront of this stage of the friend, curious, living environment with high demands, fashion, and more importantly, at this stage. The friend is the strongest economic power, do not care to spend a few corners to their home equipment was dolled up, creative.

For more information Number of employees: 11 - 50 people R & D: less than 5 people
Area: 2000.00 m2 main sales regions: National; Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions; North America; South America; Western Europe

; Eastern Europe; East Asia; Southeast Asia; Middle East; Africa; Oceania; Global
The main customer groups: Foreign trade companies, supermarket chains, gifts, overseas customers, retailers monthly:

Annual turnover: 3,010,000 yuan / - 5 million / annually exports: 3.01 million yuan

- 5,000,000 CNY
Brand Name: Winterthur Quality Control: third-party
Bank: Agricultural Bank of China account: 9,559,980,282,487,410,213
Homepage: http: //www.riyongtaoci.com

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Company: Shandong Ceramics United Corporation
Contact: Ms. Feng Zhou
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