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Car MP3\USB\LCD colorful display\BC9001-L

Car MP3\USB\LCD colorful display\BC9001-L
  • Car MP3\USB\LCD colorful display\BC9001-L
Product code: 16075800001
Unit price: 8.59-10.8 USD
Price unit:
Minimum order: 1000
Other info: 75KG
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Function brief introduction:
• With SD/ MMC card Slot, with USB port
• Support 512M/ 1G/ 2G/ 4G memory card extention (Including High-speed USB Transmission)
• Support the playback format of MP3
• FM Range: 87.50MHz~108.00MHZ (Europe) ,including 206 Crossover frequency
• Stereo electronic tuner, scan & store stations automatically
• Electronic tuning, More than 3 Bands (FM1; FM2; FM3) and 18 Preset Stations
• Power-Off with Auto-memory store function under radio or SD/ MMC/ USB Mode.
• LCD colorful display / LED display
• EQ effect: Flat/ Jazz/ Rock/ POP/ Class
• Mosfet : max power output, human engineering coding volume knob
• Many kinds of sound effects can be selected, DSP digital audio control
• Multi-function IR remote control , Mute Control
• Power supply: DC 12V/ 24V
• Clock Function
• Bass & Treble, L&R channel stabilizer
• Multiple circuit protections

BC9001-L-11 Amplifier IC-7388, 4*45W RMB: 53.50 USD: 8.59 5000 MP3/ FM
BC9001-L-12 Amplifier IC-7388, 4*45W RMB: 56.10 USD: 9.00 5000 MP3/ FM/ AM
BC9001-L-21 Amplifier IC-7377, 4*45W RMB: 52.00 USD: 8.35 5000 MP3/ FM
BC9001-L-22 Amplifier IC-7377, 4*45W RMB: 55.10 USD: 8.84 5000 MP3/ FM/ AM
BC9001-L-31 Amplifier IC-1028, 2*25W RMB: 49.50 USD: 7.95 5000 MP3/ FM
BC9001-L-32 Amplifier IC-1028, 2*25W RMB: 52.10 USD: 8.36 5000 MP3/ FM/ AM