Air-cooled diesel generator set | Deutz diesel generator set manufacturing

Air-cooled diesel generator set | Deutz diesel generator set manufacturing

Product description:

Deutz air-cooled diesel generator set

Air-cooled diesel engine features:
`Compact design, easy maintenance
Forced air-cooled diesel engine is air cooled directly, no pumps, pipes, tanks and other components, blocks and heads for the split, no cooling water sandwich simple structure, small size and light weight. Does not exist leaks, the cracking and the formation of scale cause the oil to overheat and malfunction, greatly simplifying the maintenance work
`Environmental adaptability; high reliability; widely used
Unit thermal state stability, low environmental impact that can be reliably operate within -40 ℃ ~ + 50 ℃ temperature range suitable for cold, hot, deserts, forests, plateaus, and dryland.
`Steady work; low noise; small vibration; good low temperature start-up performance
Designed with optimum damping body, advanced muffler and balancing technology, the noise and vibration than the low water-cooled machine engine built air heater, the engine cold start performance.
`Exhaust emissions, low operating costs
Smoke less than a Bosch unit, low fuel consumption.
`Appearance of small
The precise industrial design, refined compact shape.
`Global recognition
Second, the supply standard configuration
`Diesel engine (with all accessories; three filter; electrical system)
`Brushless Alternator
`Steel base

Deutz air-cooled technology parameters:

Output Power model diesel engine Dimensions Weight (kg)
14KW FF-14GF F2L912D1400*1000*1100580
24KW FF-24GF F3L912D1500*1000*1100635
32KW FF-32GF F4L912D1500*1000*1100790
34KW FF-34GF F4L913D1500*1000*1100800
41KW FF-41GF F4L912TD1500*1000*1100800
48KW FF-48GF F6L912D2070*1000*1200970
61KW FF-61GF F6L912TD2150*1000*13001050
51KW FF-51GF F6L913D2070*1000*1200970
47KW FF-41GF BF4L913D2070*1000*1200970
74KW FF-74GF BF6L913D2150*1000*13001050
84KW FF-84GF BF6L913CD2200*1000*13501100
88KW FF-88GF BF6L913ADJ2250*1000*14001150
114KW FF-114GF BF6L913ADJC2300*1000*14501200