Yuchai diesel generator set | domestic Yuchai generator

Yuchai diesel generator set | domestic Yuchai generator

Product description:

Yuchai diesel generator sets

Yuchai Group, founded in 1951, now has 33 wholly-owned, holding, equity affiliates, employees 16,000 people, the total assets of 13.4 billion yuan. Is the world's largest independent diesel engine production base, China's largest construction machinery production and export of small and medium base, with annual sales of various types of diesel engine 600,000 units, small and medium sized construction machinery 10,000 Taiwan's strength, known as the 'Chinese green power' has won the "National Customer Satisfaction", Chinese brand names', the National Customer satisfaction enterprises ', China's top ten enterprises integrity' National Quality Award 'National Civilized Unit' Famous Chinese Trademark "and other honors.

Yuchai engine features:
Overall forged steel crankshaft; quality alloy cast iron cylinder head; the body blanks are imported; having a small size; light weight; small vibration; low noise; high reliability; overhaul of more than 12,000 hours;
P-type pump high-pressure pump, injectors using P-type nozzle; far better than the domestic consumption indicator with a power profile products; increase the valve seals, piston ring seal using Yuchai proprietary technology and valve seal technology, oil consumption than domestic low power profile products.
Yuchai diesel generator set technical parameters:
Unit Type Output Power Diesel engines Oil Capacity (L) Fuel consumption (g / kwh) Unit Weight (kg) Unit size (L * W * H) mm
KVA (KVA) Kilowatts (KW) Current (A) model Power KW Number of cylinders Bore (mm) Stroke (mm) Displacement (L)
TF12Y151221.6 YC2108D19.821081202.199102255801790*870*1500
TF15Y201628.8 YC2108D19.821081202.199102255801790*870*1500
TF20Y252036 YC2115D29.721151202.493102206001790*870*1500
TF24Y302443.2 YC2115D29.721151202.493102206001790*870*1500
TF30Y37.53054 YC2115ZD36.321151202.493102156101790*870*1500
TF40YB504072 YC4D55-D104441081154.214131998001900*750*1200
TF50YB62.55090 YC4D70Z-D205541081154.214131978501900*750*1400
TF50Y62.55090 YC4D75Z-D2060.541081154.214131978601900*750*1400
TF64Y8064115 YC6B95-D1073.561081256.8711719713002670*700*1200
TF75Y93.7575135 YC6B125L-D2010161081256.8711719713202670*720*1400
TF100YB125100180 YC6B135L-D2010761081256.8711719515302720*800*1400
TF100Y125100180 YC6B155L-D2012361081256.8712219515002480*800*1400
TF120Y150120216 YC6A190L-D2015361081327.2522219519002520*1020*1400
TF150YB187.5150270 YC6G205L-D2016561121327.82519518002520*1020*1400
TF200Y250200361 YC6M320L-D20258.561201459.8392819523002800*1100*1800
TF220Y275220396 YC6M320L-D20258.561201459.8392819523002800*1100*1800
TF250YB312.5250451 YC6M320L-D20258.561201459.8392819523002800*1100*1800
TF360Y450360649 YC6T550L-D20444614516516.356419433003600*1350*1900
TF400Y500400721 YC6T600L-D20485614516516.356419434003600*1350*1900
TF450YB562.5450811 YC6T600L-D20485614516516.356419434003600*1350*1900

Good domestic Yuchai diesel generator set quality and low prices, and have made Volvo's reputation.