1000kw Cummins generator manufacturing

1000kw Cummins generator manufacturing

Product description:

FF-1000GFCUMMINS diesel generator set technical specifications and parameters

First, the performance characteristics of diesel generator sets and specifications

FF-1000GF diesel generator used Chongqing Cummins Engine; generator using the Sino-German joint venture in Wuxi China Shipbuilding Heavy Industries, Siemens generators supporting from; controller uses British deep sea Control module, its quality and performance in full of ultra-national standard GB / T2820, the latest requirements of GB / T12786-1991.

Basic support systems

Diesel engine comes with a dry air filter; fuel filter; oil filter

Cooling radiator

Use supplier designated domestic or imported diesel and oil

Alternator for the H-class insulation, with automatic voltage regulator (AVR)

24V DC starter motor; battery charging unit with a generator; and with a set of high-energy batteries and cables

Unit mounted on a steel base frame profiles, in the chassis unit comes with shock absorbers

The main parameters of generator sets

Unit Type


Standby Power


Rated voltage


Rated current


Rated frequency


Starting method

24V DC start

Surge way


Unit Dimensions

4750 * 1850 * 2430mm



Unit structure

Units with integrated structure, high strength steel base material, cooling fans and battery charger all provided with a protective cover.

Environmental conditions



Ambient temperature


Relative humidity


Production Standard

GB / T2820, GB / T12786-1991

Engine Specifications

Engine Model

Cummins KTAA38-G9A

Output Power


Engine speed

1500 rpm

Engine Type

V-12 cylinder; four-stroke; pressurized water-cooled

cooling system

Meet 40 ℃ ambient temperature radiator, cooling fan belt drive

Governing system

Electronic governor

Starting method

24V DC start

Filtration systems

Dry air filter; fuel filter; oil filter; Coolant Filtration

High pressure fuel pump

A pump

Bore and stroke

159 * 159mm

100% load of fuel

230L / h

Generator main parameters

Generator Model

1FC2-454-4 (Sino-German joint venture - Wuxi Siemens) Wuxi CSIC

Generator Power


Excitation mode


Rated voltage


Rated frequency


Rated current


The number of phases and wiring

Phase four-wire, Y- shaped

Insulation Class

Class H

Protection class


Steady-state voltage regulation rate

≤ + 1%

Steady-state frequency regulation rate

≤ + 1%

Steady-state voltage fluctuation rate

≤ + 0.5%

Steady-state frequency volatility

≤ + 0.5%

Transient voltage regulation


Transient frequency adjust rate


Voltage stabilization time


Frequency stabilization time


Scope of supply

A diesel generator, battery cables and two pair, a set of shock absorbers, mufflers two bellows bend each two, accessory box one, an integrated control panel, a paper factory .

Control panel section

a) Display: three-phase voltage; phase current; phase sequence; generator power; power factor; frequency; controlling battery voltage; float charging current; running time counting;

b) indication: mains power indicator; turbine power indicator; power indicator; various types of fault alarm indication;

c) status options: Auto / Manual / Test free conversion;

d) Manual: Manually start; manual closing; opening; downtime;

Ø Automatic protection function: overload; short circuit; high temperature; low oil pressure; undervoltage; oil temperature; overspeed protection; automatic trip; stop function;