800kw Cummins diesel generator set

800kw Cummins diesel generator set

Product description:

Cummins diesel generator set

Cummins diesel generator set / Cummins diesel generator is our selection of the Sino-US joint venture Dongfeng Cummins B, L, C series four-stroke diesel engine, the Sino-US joint venture in Chongqing Cummins N, K series diesel engine; four-stroke diesel engines for industrial use as a power package Brand generator made of Cummins Engine small size, light weight, low fuel consumption, reliable, parts supply and maintenance. Electronic governor, with the cooling water temperature is too high, low oil pressure and overspeed alarm and automatically shut down, such as automatic Monitoring protection features high reliability, low cost of Cummins diesel engine group, has won such as military, traffic engineering systems, industrial and mining enterprises and other industry users love.
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Cummins diesel generator set technical parameters:

Frequency 50HZ Sino-US joint venture Cummins
Cummins Diesel Engine
Unit Type Standby Power Prime Power
KF-C48 37.4KW 34KW 4BTA3.9-G
KF-C70 55KW 50KW 4BTA3.9-G
KF-C103 82KW 75KW 6BT5.9-G
KF-C125 100KW 91KW 6BTA5.9-G
KF-C142 114KW 104KW 6BTAA5.9-G
KF-C175 140KW 128KW 6CTA8.3-G
KF-C206 165KW 150KW 6CTA8.3-G
KF-C220 176KW 160KW 6CTAA8.3-G
KF-C275 220KW 200KW NT855-GA
KF-C312 250KW 228KW NTA855-G1A
KF-C358 286KW 260KW NTA855-G2
KF-C375 300KW 280KW NTA855-G2A
KF-C395 315KW 280KW NTA855-G4
KF-C412 330KW 300KW NTAA855-G7
KF-C500 400KW 360KW KTA19-G3
KF-C550 440KW 400KW KTA19-G4
KF-C650 520KW 440KW KTAA19-G6
KF-C688 550KW 500KW KTAA19-G7
KF-C825 660KW 600KW KTA38-G2
KF-C880 704KW 640KW KTA38-G2A
KF-C1000 800KW 728KW KTA38-G2A
KF-C1100 880KW 800KW KTA38-G5
KF-C1125 900KW 820KW KTA38-G5
KF-C1250 1000KW NA KTA38-G9