People Power 20KW wind and solar controller

People Power 20KW wind and solar controller

Product description:

Wind and solar controller is to control wind generators, photovoltaic panels wind energy, solar energy into electricity and stored in the battery pack to the control device. Wind and solar controller is off-grid system is the most important part, the entire system affect its performance life and operational stability, especially battery life. In any case, the battery overcharge or over-discharge will cause the battery life shortened.

`Selection of high quality military grade components to ensure product stability

`Perfect protection features, making higher system reliability

`LCD LCD function, you can view various operating parameters of freedom

`Limit pressure; limiting charge mode; ensure that the battery is always in the best state of charge

`Using PWM stepless unload mode; the excess energy is released to the unloader; so that the battery in the best charging status

`Anti-wind, wind power controllers Promise uninstall utility model patents` a set of rectification, uninstall in one wind power main circuit patents

`CE certification

product number

WWS 200-220-N00

WWS 200-240-N00

Rated battery voltage



Fan Rated input power



Maximum input power Fan



Fan brake current point



PV rated input power

6k W

6k W

Float voltage point

266 V

290 V

display method


Quiescent Current

≤ 20mA

Working temperature / humidity range

-20 ~ + 55℃ / 35 ~ 85% RH (without condensation)

Communication function (optional)

Optional RS232, RS485, RJ45, GPRS

Temperature compensation function (optional)

-4mV / ℃ / 2V, - 35℃ ~ + 80℃ Accuracy: ± 1 ℃

Reference Dimensions (L * W * H)

Control box: 440 * 300 * 170 mm, unloading boxes: 680 * 420 * 675 mm


Control box: 9 kg, unloading boxes: 30 kg

In order to better serve customers, our company can be adjusted according to customer requirements and configuration parameters.

Note: We reserve the right to change products, product updates without notice.

`` Temperature compensation function remote communication capabilities

`Fan low voltage charging function` SD card function

Wind speed detection function `` output dry contact signal function

`Fan speed function