Processing PU football gifts, PU ball keychain gifts

Processing PU football gifts, PU ball keychain gifts

Product description:

Processing PU football gifts, PU ball keychain gifts ,product description: PU ball keychain gifts Toys, from the World source Sponge companies carefully build. Feel comfortable, beautiful color. Skin smooth. Fashionable. Do home decoration. After this product in the hands gripping quickly bounced back to its original state. Is an ideal choice for professionals decompression. Color and LOGO can also be modulated in accordance with the requirements of the guests. without an additional charge. At the same time our company has a professional design and development departments. Gratis for your design complex shapes of PU gifts.

Product attributes: the main raw material of this product is a polyether, note material through the machine to mold foaming, non-toxic environmentally friendly products, the Division I all PU products are available through the European EN71 test and American ASTM test.

Quote Description: unit price of products on the site, and there is a real difference in your inquiry the actual price of a product is determined by your specific product inquiry number, product process complexity and painting LOGO to account, in the procurement. When together with a clear understanding, in order to accurately quote. Processing PU football gifts, PU ball keychain gifts

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