Stainless card

Stainless card

Product description:

Stainless steel custom manufacturers

Professional stainless steel card manufacturer, to create the most professional intelligent system platform, more than 10 years experience card system, years of industry precipitation, accumulated a good reputation and the reputation, to provide design, custom-stop service, first-class quality, the pursuit of excellence.

Stainless steel is to use steel as the material of new technology electrophoresis using leading technology, after polishing, etching, plating, coloring, dispensing, packaging, etc. streamlined procedures refined stainless cards.

Stainless steel Name: Stainless steel; stainless steel Gold; Silver stainless steel

Stainless steel Applications: hotels, office buildings, business, temples, etc., any industries.

Stainless steel Definition: stainless steel VIP card, also known as electrophoresis stainless steel card line card such selection senior imports of stainless steel materials, leading-edge new technology, by design, line cutting tooling, stamping, etching, printing, polishing, electroplating. , coloring, packaging, stainless steel Seiko made cards and other assembly-line procedures.

Stainless steel Size: There are three common, 85mm * 54mm, 80mm * 50mm, 76mm * 44mm, can also produce other shape shaped card sizes according to customer requirements Thickness: common thickness is 0.35mm, but also can be 0.25mm, 0.30mm , 0.40mm, etc. You can also eradicate the custom.

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