Bluetooth card | Bluetooth Card Reader

Bluetooth card | Bluetooth Card Reader

Product description:

Bluetooth card

Bluetooth card Bluetooth (zanda) is a short-range communications support equipment radio technology Bluetooth work in 433MHz band, bandwidth is 1Mb / s. Bluetooth technology used in intelligent parking system, vehicle access yard long range (3-15m) do not stop automatic identification through can be integrated with IC card parking intelligent management system to solve the conventional IC card card parking proximity sensors, only a few centimeters from the reader, also known as contactless cards. In actual use, require the owner of the vehicle to stop -) roll down the window -) handheld IC card out of the car window -) of credit card -) and then continue out of this traditional vehicle access control system so that in the rain and snow weather, hot weather climate. causing inconvenience to the owners; as vehicle access control system IC card replacement products, the use of Bluetooth technology to automatically manage the parking and vehicle access provides a more convenient, efficient and VIP services, a variety of management tools to advanced enterprises, high-end residential, Villa, intelligent parking lots preferred automatic vehicle access control system.

Bluetooth Parking Features

1 Bluetooth communication technology; penetration is strong; the communication speed stability;

2 using infrared assisted positioning makes the Bluetooth card with a strict directional / stability / adaptability;

3 combines the fuselage code identification; CDMA technology to solve the card itself; heads next to each other interference problems;

4 Bluetooth card using wake-up technology to achieve full energy efficiency, making the life of the card around 6 years;

5 compatibility: can be used alone, but also can be engineered to install and can be used in combination with the IC card; 6. can have a strong penetration function, front and rear parking lot and the vehicle is not overlooked Bluetooth function Technical parameters most. good distance 5-15M;

Communication port: RS485 WG26 reader angle: 45 degrees fan operating voltage: AC220 / 50HZ Working Humidity: (95% non-condensing temperature: -35 degrees -60 degrees life: 1--2 years.

Bluetooth card is based on Bluetooth communication protocol is based on the use of the technical characteristics of infrared light and radio combination, successfully developed a long-range electronic tag. Card characteristic thin, light weight, low power consumption, easy to carry.

Card electrical parameters: 5V built two standard CR2032 battery capacity 210MAH, average standby current: less than 4UA, typical of the average current value 3UA work: less than 500UA typical values ​​about: 400UA transmission distance:. 1-25M
Dimensions: 68 * 36 * 15mm
Access cards can be affixed to the back of the card is more suitable
Fixed information memory: 1Kbit
Random Information Memory: 1Kbit
Password Memory: 1Kbit
Work: Real-time read and write
Features: Can be made into complex IC / ID card for card

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