Anti-metal RFID tag

Anti-metal RFID tag

Product description:

Anti-metal RFID tag

Anti-metal tag is shielded with a special package of absorbing material into the electronic tag, an electronic tag from a technical solution can not be attached to metal surfaces use problems. Products can be waterproof, anti-acid, anti-alkali, anti-collision, can outdoor use.

The anti-metal tag attached to the metal to get a good read performance, even in the air than to read farther. Using a special circuit design, this model can effectively prevent interference with the electronic tag metal RF signal, the real Outstanding performance of the anti-metal tag is: attached to the metal read range than non-metal-read farther, this is the outstanding achievement of the overall design.

Performance parameters:

Size: 50 * 35 * 3.5 (mm)

Package: Disu

Frequency: 125K / 13.56M optional

Protocol Standards: ISO14443 TYPE A / B; ISO15693; ISO11784 / 5 optional

Storage capacity: 256bit / 1K / 2K

Read and write times: 100000

Life expectancy: 10 years

Colour: Black

It can be packaged chip:

Compliance with ISO11784 / 5 protocol chip low-125K

As NXP HITAG2 chips and EM4100 / TK4100 and all compatible chip

In line with ISO14443, ISO15693 protocol HF 13.56M chips

As MIFARE 1 S50; MIFARE 1 S70; Ultralight; I-CODE SLI; TAG-IT, etc.


Suitable for use in outdoor power equipment inspection, tower poles inspection, elevator inspection, pressure vessel cylinder gas bottles, a variety of electrical household appliances product tracking, asset management, logistics management, auto parts process management, the slaughter line management.

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