Coin Card

Coin Card

Product description:

Coin Card customization

Coin card custom manufacturers, the preferred brand

One: Product Overview
PVC coin is made of high quality PVC laminate production, structurally sound and fully waterproof coin card can act independently as a RFID electronic parts installed into other objects plays a role .PVC existing wireless identification number of the size of coins, cards to choose from: ( 14/15/17/18/20/22/25/30/35/40 / 50mm).

Two: RFID chip select:
Shenzhen City from Heng Intelligent Technology Co. offers a variety of RFID chips for customers to choose from a read-only 125KHz low frequency ID chip, AtmelT5567, Hitag series to the high frequency of 13.56MHz Mifare, I CODE SLI, etc. Now also provide UHF Ultra High Frequency PVC coin card.
We can OEM production and personalization technology
We welcome the OEM manufacturing and offers a variety of personalized processes.

Three: the main features:
* Solid PVC lamination process
* Small size, ideal for a variety of industrial single product identification and logistics project
* Range of sizes to choose from, the best option to provide project
* After the installation of the anti-metal layer can work directly on the metal surface
* Products in strict accordance with European standards

Four: Application:
Various inventory management, asset management, product identification, gaming chips, access control, logistics tracking, meeting attendance, biometrics, item identification, industrial automation, one-way ticket and other fields.

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