Epoxy NFC card

Epoxy NFC card

Product description:

Epoxy NFC card

Shenzhen City from Heng Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is specialized in producing NFC tag manufacturers. In addition to the regular NFC paper labels, also offers personalized NFC tags, including Epoxy NFC tags, NFC anti-metal tag, programmable NFC tags, NFC smart posters, NFC smart cards, NFC wrist band, NFC keychain etc. Our production of NFC tag sequence mainly, NFC mobile phone payment tag, NFC advertising tags, NFC smart posters electronics, NFC electronic sign label, NFC electronic coupons, Shortcuts NFC electronic tickets, stored-value consumption, integral consumption NFC tags, NFC tags NFC devices for mutual data connection and data transfer, NFC business card, SMS, telephone, music, website, etc. In addition, NFC tag is also used for audio Bluetooth trigger, personnel identification, product identification. NFC tags / NFC stickers range of applications are increasingly widespread.

Epoxy NFC card applications:

Epoxy card is mainly used in mobile NFC mobile payment, NFC posters, stored-value consumption, integral consumption, mutual NFC device data connection and data transmission, access control, public transportation, etc. mobile wallet (mobile payments) micro-payments, smart posters, e-coupons, e-tickets, vending machines, parking meters, access control and attendance systems, metro systems, membership stored-value consumption management, personnel identification, product identification management.

NFC Technology Introduction: NFC technology by a non-contact radio frequency identification (RFID) evolved, backward compatible RFID, first proposed by Philips, Nokia and Sony main push, mainly for mobile phones and other handheld devices due to the near-field communication has a natural. Security, therefore, NFC technology is considered in areas such as mobile payment has great prospects. NFC contactless reader, a contactless card and peer to peer (Peer-to-Peer) functionality into a single chip, for consumer by creating a new lifestyle countless opportunities. This is an open interface platform that allows fast wireless network, the active setting, and the virtual connection, a service in the existing cellular network, Bluetooth, and wireless devices. containing NFC Mobile technology can be used directly consumer electronics, download coupons and electronic ticket, but also in shops and attractions as membership cards. NFC user simply with the swipe NFC phone, you can enjoy the convenience of wireless payment. in the future, NFC will play a huge role in the access control, public transportation, and other areas of mobile payments. NFC, also known as the short-range wireless communications, high-frequency wireless communication technology is a short-range, allowing for non-contact point between electronic devices Data Transfer (within ten centimeters) to exchange data. 'Just touch it', you can exchange data between different electronic products and various non-contact IC card, NFC can be two-way communication. As long as the product and support NFC IC card, you can read or write data. also between mobile phones and other portable devices to communicate.

RFID features:

1. Support protocols: ISO / IEC 14443-3 TypeA; ISO / IEC 18092 and NFC Forum Type 2?.

2. Operating frequency: 13.56 ± 0.07MHz

3. Reading distance: 2-125px.

4. Endurance: 100,000 times

5. Life: 10 years.

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