Dual interface IC card reader

Dual interface IC card reader

Product description:

D8 dual protocol contactless IC card reader

I. Introduction

Stegosaurus Series D8 type is a dual interface IC card reader can read and write dual interface RF cards, electronic tags, separate RF card and contactless smart cards, while supporting a ISO7816-sized contact smart cards and 3 Sim card size SAM card, connect with a PC and related equipment through RS232 serial interface or USB port, USB hassel technology use, the user can easily install and use, it supports multiple cards can be used for security issuers and those security fields of high need. supplied various platforms Driver Development Kit, comes with demo program to achieve the full functionality of RF card access, and with automatic measuring card operation.

D8 type IC card reader is the development of IC card related products and systems integration necessary front-end processing equipment, its rich, perfect interface functions that can be easily applied to industry and commerce, telecommunications, postal services, taxation, banking, insurance, medical, meeting attendance, Internet cafe management, gas stations, car parks and other charges, stored value, query and other smart card management application systems.

Product Name D8 type reader

Weight 300g

Applicable temperature range -20 to + 60ºC

Card contact can be used 100,000 times

Support card size support eligible non-contact card ISO14443TypeA / B, and supports electronic labels meet ISO15693 standards, and can support a line with ISO7816 standard card size, while an additional card size SAM card 3 in line with GSM 11.11 of Sim cards

You can give the card to provide a current 0-130mA

And PC communication type Low Speed ​​USB (USB 1.1)

Bus powered device

HID (USB hassel)

Communication protocol supports ISO14443 Type A / B

Support ISO15693

Support T = 0, T = CPU card 1

Communication speed with contactless cards up to 115200 bps

Followed standard ISO14443, ISO 7816, ISO15693, PC / SC, GSM11.11, FCC, CE

Communication rate T = 0: 9600-38400bps

T = 1: 9600-115200bps

Universal exterior colors as shown, can be customized according to user needs

1.5M extra long connection cable attached USB connector communication line

Status Display LED lights indicate power or communication state

Operating system Windows 98; Me; 2K; XP; 2003 and Unix and Linux

Frame size 123mm * 95mm * 27mm

Other features provide a common interface library that can support multiple operating systems and language development platform

Support online upgrade function

Synchronization support in line with ISO14443 Type A; Type B contactless smart card; if: Mifare S50; Mifare S70; MF1ICL10; Mifare Pro; Mifare desfire; Mifare ultralight; SLE44R31; SLE6-6cl series; AT88RF020; Huahong 1102 et

Synchronization support in line with ISO15693 RFID, such as: I-Code2, Tagit, My-d, LRI512.

Second, the use

1, Model Description

2, Packing List

Standard: Certificate / warranty 1; driver installation disk 1; reader 1; communication line 1; User Manual 1

3, connection

1, USB connectors: USB cable into the computer's USB interface can be (Figure 3).

2, serial: Turn off the computer, unplug the keyboard cable, keyboard cable into the keyboard port on the rear end of the reader connecting terminal, and then the rear end of the keyboard port on the reader into your computer's keyboard port terminal, and then the serial line one end to the serial port of the computer. (Figure 4)

Figure 3: USB interface connection diagram

Figure 4: Serial connection diagram

4, the light

Through the bright lights, communication when lights flashing.

5, technical indicators

l Communication interface: using serial or USB port

l Power: keyboard port or USB powered (100 mA.

l Working temperature: -20 ~ + 60ºC

l Working Relative Humidity: 20% to 90%

l Overall dimensions: length x width x height: 123mm * 95mm * 27mm

l Weight: 60g

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