Epoxy card | personalized card

Epoxy card | personalized card

Product description:

Epoxy card making production and supply custom wholesale

The company currently hundreds of molds for the election; Epoxy card production preferred brand; welcome!

Epoxy card customization single production process:

The intention of customers - through QQ; MSN; e-mail; network drives; courier sent orders (design draft) - Preliminary design - artwork confirmation - customer orders - contracts - prepay - film production -PS Edition - printing (offset, silk screen) - chip package - laminated - red card - Detection - Epoxy - Coding / engraved code - Punch - roping - quality control - package - Storage - customers.

Card does not contain expedited fee; proofing fee; Zhuanban fee (300 yuan / item); Payment: 40% -50% deposit, the balance notification card do pay the full amount of delivery.

Epoxy card printing using a variety of high-quality materials plus imported crystal surface made of epoxy products are anti-dust and waterproof. No foam. Transparency such as glass. Good stereoscopic Production personality shaped dispensing cards, bus Epoxy card, phone card accessories , mobile phone accessories cards, all kinds of promotional Epoxy card; The ideal can package all kinds of smart chip, can be customized any pattern can produce a variety of cartoon shapes according to different requirements of customers, colorful, vivid, is the choice of each business promotion activities .

Features: easy to carry, attractive, durable, water resistant and strong, easy to wear, can make offset printing, screen printing, pad printing, marking, flat yard, laser engraved code and other technology.
Alternatively dozens shape and provide customization.
Chip package types are as follows:
EM4100 / 4102/4069/4550, MifareS50 / S70, ULtralight, T5577, I-CODE 2, F08, FM1208, TK4100 and so on.
Key performance indicators:
Package Material: ABS / PVC + imported Epoxy (PS / soft)
Reading distance: 5-250px
Size: on-demand, regular size 42 * 26
Operating temperature: -20 ° C ~ 55 ° C
Endurance: 100,000 times
Read Range: 5-10CM
Reader Time: 1-2MS
Packaging Technology: ABS plastic shell ultrasonic welding
International protection protocol: IP67, IP68.
Process characteristics:
A. printable variety of personalized patterns can be marking, laser engraved code
B. waterproof, dustproof, anti-magnetic, radiation, anti-vibration
C. can provide users personalized custom services, the company mold a variety of options, has for the major domestic and foreign well-known companies have produced Epoxy card products.

Applications: Campus Card, Studios Card, the district card, bus card, city card, consumer card, membership card, smart buildings, smart parking systems, promotional gifts and other fields.

Class quality; class service; is our eternal pursuit!