T5577 card

T5577 card

Product description:

T5577 card -Atmel original chip

Generation T5557; second-generation products T5567; now upgraded to T5577; chip is fully compatible; first-class quality; class service; ORIGINAL .

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T5577ID card introduced:
T5577ID Kaka Name: T5577ID card, the card is t5557, t5567 card upgrade, now all the versions to replace t5557 card T5577ID cards, t5567 card.
TEMIC-T5577ID card
Operating Frequency: 125KHZ
EEPROM: 330bit
Operating distance: 2-250px
Size: (86 x 54 x0.80 mm)
Material: PVC or PET
Chip: T5577ID card IC card
Operating frequency: 125KHZ
Memory capacity: 330bits; 10 partitions; 8 password
Reading distance: 3-250px
Endurance: more than 100,000
Data retention time: 10 years
Size: ISO Standard thin card / thick card / Alien cards
Packaging Materials: PVC ABS
Features: Offset pattern; text; LOGO
Typical applications: Typical applications: Induction smart locks; school / business card system; access control; channel systems
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(T5577 card production common process)
01. T5577 card production layout can be designed according to material provided by the customer, but also by customer design draft.
Standard thickness 02. T5577 card making is 0.86MM or 1.8MM, other thicknesses can also be made.
After 03. T5577 card produced standard size is 85.5mm X 54mm, rounded corners can also be made into other dimensions.
04. T5577 card production can be printed single-sided or double-sided, using silk screen or offset printing (CMYK four-color printing) printing method.
05. T5577 card production can be sprayed on different numbers, PIN codes or text on each one T5577ID card.
06. T5577 card production can add a signature strip or WordPad (you can manually writing area).
07. T5577 card production can be combined with low density or high density chip (3 tracks chip) according to customer requirements.
08. T5577 card production can play convex code, can bronzing or silver hot on convex code.
09. can play circular hole or holes in the strip T5577 card.
10. You can marking on the shoe on the T5577 scratch card strip (commonly used in the prepaid card / calling card / lottery card, etc.).
11. T5577 card production can be marked with various types of bar codes.
12. T5577 card production numbers can be organized in the order, it can also play personalized, there is no law of numbers.
13. T5577 card production can be made square, round, and any other irregular shape.
14. T5577 card making background color can be made of imitation gold or silver imitation.
15. You can hot on gold or silver on the T5577 card.
16. T5577 card when making can be made matte or glossy surface, sub-surface effects.
17. T5577 card making available white PVC material, frosted or transparent material is completely transparent transparent material.

Class quality; class service; is our eternal pursuit!