CPU Smart Card

CPU Smart Card

Product description:

CPU card customization

Non-contact CPU card - Model FM1208-10 / 09

Contact CPU card -64K / 128K

More simply refers to the CPU card chip containing a microprocessor chip, which functions as a mini-computer. Metal sheet IC card (IC card) It is often used on the CPU card chip .CPU card applicable in the fields of finance, insurance, traffic police, government industries, a large space with user read speed, support more than one card with other characteristics, and has passed the People's Bank of China and the National Commission certified providers secret. CPU card from the appearance and common IC cards, RF cards no difference, but there is a huge boost in performance, safety, and general IC card than to improve a lot, usually contains a random number generator, hardware DES, 3DES encryption algorithm within the CPU card, with The operating system-on-chip OS, also known as COS, can achieve the financial level of security.

What feels like CPU card?

CPU card: also known as smart cards; IC card with a microprocessor within the CPU; a storage unit (including random access memory RAM, program memory ROM (FLASH), user data memory EEPROM) chip operating system and is equipped with the COS COS. CPU card is equivalent to a microcomputer, not only has data storage capabilities, but also has command processing and data security protection.

To understand what it feels like CPU card, you must start with the IC card.

IC card is an IC card (Integrated Circuit Card) for short; an integrated circuit chip is embedded plastic card; its shape and dimensions are in accordance with international standards (ISO) chips generally use the easy-volatile memory (ROM, EEPROM), protection. logic circuits, even with a microprocessor CPU. IC card with a CPU is the real smart card integrated circuit chip embedded in accordance with the form and the different types of IC card chip can be divided into contact, contactless, dual interface cards .CPU both contactless cards also have a non-contact type. (

Logic encrypted memory card: On the basis of the non-encrypted memory card adds encryption logic, by checking the password encryption logic way to protect data in the card is open for external access, but only low levels of security protection, can not prevent malicious sexual assault.

Since there is no master key production process, the original design of our CPU card chip has been manufacturing in foreign countries. The China's own design and manufacture of CPU card capacity reached 128K.

CPU card can be applied to many fields of finance, insurance, traffic police, government industries, a large space with user read speed, support more than one card with other characteristics, and has passed the China People's Bank and the National Commission certified providers secret.

Standardized CPU card

Given the current world economy is developing towards the direction of internationalization and globalization of the financial services system have been established, which brings interoperability issues a card. Same card, in different countries, different circumstances must can be used. To solve this problem, only to develop a series of international standards, the CPU card and the interface device manufacturer in accordance with uniform standards, unified interface specifications manufactured products to ensure that different countries and different industries have adopted a unified CPU card software Hardware Specifications developing application systems, so as to realize the sharing of interchangeability and interface devices from different manufacturers CPU card.

International Organization for Standardization starting from 1987, have enacted and promulgated international standards on standard CPU card CPU card itself are:

ISO 10536: Identification cards - contactless IC card

ISO 7816: Identification cards - Integrated circuit cards with contacts

ISO7816-1: provision of physical characteristics of the physical characteristics of the card card card should be achieved is described in the ability of UV protection, mechanical strength of the X-ray irradiation dose, cards and contacts, immunity to electromagnetic interference and so on.

ISO7816-2: specified size and location of the card.

ISO7816-3: provision card signals and transmission protocol includes two transport protocols: synchronous transmission protocol and asynchronous transfer protocol

ISO7816-4: provisions between the card industry interchange commands include: Command transferred between the card and reader response information and content; the file on the card, the data structures and access methods; definition file and data access card Permissions and security structures.

Financial sector standards CPU card applications are:

ISO 9992: Financial transaction cards - Integrated circuit card by card and receive information between devices

ISO 14443: Identification cards - Contactless Card Specification (Distance 250px)

ISO 10202: Financial transaction cards - using integrated circuit card financial transaction system security architecture

IC card terminal specifications IC card payment system and payment system specifications: EMV

China financial integrated circuit (IC) card specification: March 1998 People's Bank of China about ten financial institutions under the principle of adopting international standards and advanced foreign technology to ISO standards and Europay, Mastercard, Visa three organizations developed EMV96 , combined with the actual needs of the domestic application CPU card, the basic application of financial CPU card made specific provisions.

ISO and other organizations, there are many standards and norms related to the application CPU card, according to the need to consult the relevant criteria.

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