Distance ID card

Distance ID card

Product description:

Distance ID card

First, the long-distance ID card Profile

Frequency remote ID card is typically 125KHz. Now the market is mostly used in a passive, ID card unique serial number, the manufacturer in the factory prior to curing this serial number can not be changed. Distance ID card is in order A remote read ID cards to meet the internal serial number and the emergence of the transitional stage product, although security is not strong, but lower prices, currently in the parking lot, access and other systems use more common.

Common technical parameters Second, long-distance ID card

1, the operating frequency: 125KHz

2, the internal serial number: 5 bytes

3, the read range: 0.7 to 1.2 meters, to be equipped with a special long-distance reader, accurate performance reading distance and remote heads about.

Third, the long-distance ID card can then distinguish thickness

1, thick card: thickness 1.8mm, thick card ID card number can be sprayed in various formats can be screen printing, can additionally after printing stickers or color transparent film posted up.

2, the standard thin card: thickness 0.8mm, you can double-sided color offset printing, printing photos, you can level within ID card number or a laser or print a variety of formats or self serial code read from the remote ID thin card. generally slightly lower than the long-range reading distances ID thick card.

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