U-Smart Card

U-Smart Card

Product description:

RFID U disk card

RFID U disk card = Mini RFID card + U disk!

Brief introduction

RFID U disk card is the latest patented product, the traditional USB flash drive called 'U disk' into RFID card. This is an innovative contactless smart cards, also a U disk. 2011 France Bali Ka Exhibition ( CARTES2011) debut on the industry recognized and sought after.

RFID U disk card can be widely used in buses and a variety of existing contactless card market, is a perfect traditional contactless card upgrade. It is the combination of outstanding and innovative U disk and RFID smart card functions, leaving user's eyes lit up!

The company should be the needs of consumers; bold innovation; grand launched carrying U disk (4G) capabilities of the card in addition to transportation card with average traffic card function, but also with data acquisition, switching and transmission functions, breaking the traditional card type. qualitative mode of thinking; to achieve a transportation card shaped, miniature, multi-functional U disk, transportation cards and accessories functions integrally superimposed.

Bus card is a typical application, RFID U disk card broke the appearance and functionality of a traditional bus card: it U disk, bus cards and jewelry styling features superimposed as one compact, quite creative, innovative fashion, may be convenient. carry hanging on the phone to use, with public transportation cards, data storage and transmission, jewelry functions; but also to achieve and meet the people's bus card difference, superimposed demand functions.

U disk capacity according to customer demand for flexible choice; such as 2G; 4G; 8G or more; and we can put one or two RFID chips in this U disk card; for example: ISO14443 A and ISO15693 Mifare DESFire 4K of the I CODE SLI chip combination; or ATA5577 low frequency and high frequency Mifare1K various combinations of chip models can be flexible to meet the application requirements of different levels.

RFID U disk card is a piece of art in the field of RFID: using a number of high-tech achievements; exquisite workmanship; card surface decorative layer is made of superhard; ultra-wearable polymer materials; shining brilliantly smooth; with porcelain texture; feel special good; mini size; stylish design; fine print will make users' That look that would like to have!

Shanghai public transportation systems and other cities, has begun volume applications U disk traffic card. How to provide more practical for the cardholders, more attractive and more value-added products and services? This is all card issuers and the industry have been thinking about the problem. RFID U disk card will give you open up a new way, and for you to create more business opportunities!

Main features

`Waterproof, sturdy

`Portable; fashion; multifunction

`Four kinds of shapes, new look

`Different capacities U disk optional

`Excellent read range and performance

`Perfect printing results; delicate ceramic surfaces; resistance to scratching

`Supports a variety of low and high frequency chips, such as ISO14443 and ISO15693 protocol

Main applications

Public transit , Identification , Membership card and electronic wallet; card access control; campus card issuers have been applied; anything you can think of in the field (not impossible, only you think)!


Main material: PC + ABS

USB Specifications: Standard 2.0 full speed, the Samsung chip

Life: more than 100,000 times rewritable, data retention for over 10 years

Notes: single-band support, dual-band (LF + HF), and even two kinds of high-frequency chip (ISO14443 + ISO15693) in a U disk card.

Delivery Method

We will provide you with the production of personalized U disk card packaging; and standard pendant rope; simultaneously; put a printed mat are PVC cards you need to print promotional cards or user instructions; furthermore; also in accordance to your needs; design and create special pack you need; for example: Crystal Gift word: would you want to, do you need!

Personalized Service

`Laser engraving: Chip UID number, serial number

`Chip write code: chip initialization or personalization by customer write code for MAPPING

`Personalized printing: photo; graphic and so on; database files provided by the customer

Value-added services

We can help customers to download data or files to the U disk chip, such as: advertising, brochures and other information.

If you are interested in; do not hesitate; do not hesitate to contact us; you are wise; got it !!

RFID U disk card = Mini RFID card + U disk!

Class quality; class service; is our eternal pursuit!