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Non-contact IC card

Non-contact IC card
  • Non-contact IC card
  • Non-contact IC card
  • Non-contact IC card
  • Non-contact IC card
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Non-contact IC card Profile

Non-contact IC card, also known as radio frequency card, the IC chip, antenna composed of sensors, packaged in a standard PVC card, the chip and the antenna without any exposed parts of the world a new technology is developed in recent years, and it the success of the radio frequency identification technology and IC card technology together, the end of the passive (no power supply card) and free access to this problem is a major breakthrough in the field of electronic devices. card at a certain distance (typically 5-10mm ) near the surface of the reader, by passing radio waves to complete the read and write operations.

1. Non-contact between the IC card and reader via radio waves to complete the read and write operations. Communication between the two frequency of 13.56MHZ. Non-contact IC card itself is a passive card, when the card reader read and write operations, the signal emitted by the reader superposition of two parts: one is the power signal, after the signal is received by the card, with its own L / C to produce a momentary energy to supply the chip work the other part is the instruction. and data signals, command the chip to complete the data read, modify, store, etc., and the return signal to the reader, to complete a read or write operation. reader is generally composed of single-chip, dedicated intelligence module and antenna, and is equipped with the PC communication interface, printer port, I / O ports, etc., in order to be applied to different areas.

2. Non-contact smart card internal partition

Non-contact smart card inside is divided into two parts: the system area (CDF) user area (ADF)

System District: used by card manufacturers and system developers and card issuers.

User area: used to store data about the cardholder information.

3. With the contactless IC card compared to the non-contact type card has the following advantages:

. ⑴ high reliability without mechanical contact between the non-contact IC card and the reader, to avoid a variety of failures due to exposure to reading and writing, for example:

Due to rough card, non-card insertion of foreign objects, dust or oil resulting in poor contact caused by the failure. In addition, the non-contact card surface without bare chip, need not worry about the chip off, static electricity breakdown, bending damage and other problems, both for card printing , but also improves the reliability of the card.

⑵ easy to operate

Since the non-contact communication, the reader can be within the range 10CM operation of the card, so do not pluggable cards, very convenient to use. No-directional non-contact card, the card reader can be swept surface in any direction , can complete the operation, which greatly improves the speed of each use.

⑶ anti-collision

Non-contact card fast anti-collision mechanism, to prevent interference of data between the card, so the reader can 'simultaneously' handle more than one non-contact IC card. This improves application parallelism, potentially improving system operating speed.

⑷ can be adapted to a variety of applications

Non-contact card serial number is unique, the manufacturer in the factory prior to curing this serial number, can not be changed. Two-way authentication mechanism between contactless card and reader, that verification IC card reader legitimacy, while IC card reader can also verify the legitimacy.

Non-contact card between pre-treatment to be carried out three times with the reader mutual authentication, and in the communication process all the data encryption. In addition, the card each sector has its own operation password and access conditions.

Memory structural features contactless card makes it a multi-purpose card can be used in different systems, depending on the application the user can set different passwords and access conditions.

⑸ good encryption performance

Non-contact IC card by the IC chip, sensing antenna, and fully sealed in a standard PVC card, reading and writing process non-contact IC card, usually between a non-contact type IC card and the reader no exposed parts. by radio waves to complete the read and write operations.

Non-contact type IC card itself is passive body; when the card reader to read and write operations; the reader signal emitted by the superposition of two parts: one is the power signal, after the signal is received by the card, with its own L / C resonance, producing an instant energy to supply chips work. The other part is read by the contactless IC card to form a joint data signals, command the chip to complete the data, modification, storage, and returned to the reader. write systems, whether hardware configuration, or the operation have been greatly simplified, and the help of advanced management software, offline mode of operation, have made them easier to read and write data.

High temperature card

To meet the needs of practical applications, we continue to develop to meet specific application environments, high-performance card, at high temperature, bending and use of environmentally friendly materials, we have imported high-temperature composite materials, with high temperature resistance, superior folding properties In front of the high-temperature exposure is not easy deformation, it does not affect the functional properties, with our proximity card reader, widely used in highway toll and community management.

Common non-contact products are: Mifare 1S50 / Mifare 1S70 / FM11RF08

Miafre 1 s50 IC card

• Chip: Philips Mifare 1 S50

• Storage capacity: 8Kbit; 16 partitions; each partition two passwords

• Operating Frequency: 13.56MHZ

• Communication speed: 106Kboud

• Reading distance: 2.5-10CM

• Reading time: 1-2MS

• Operating temperature: -20 ℃ -85 ℃

• Endurance:) 100000

• Data Retention:) 10 years

• Dimensions: 0.87 * 85.5 * 54 / non-standard card

• packaging materials: PVC, PET, 0.13 coins

• Packaging Technology: Ultrasonic auto plant lines / Auto Welding

• production standards: ISO 14443, ISO 10536

• Applications: Enterprise / campus card, bus card, highway fees, parking, residential management.

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