Video card

Video card

Product description:

Video card Introduction

Product Type: Rewritable Card (RECO-View Card), video card
Model: 1. RECO-View 630GDK thick card, thickness 0.76-0.96mm, according to customer requirements (this material to go through lamination

Working with a variety of chips and magnetic strips used).
2. RECO-View 631FB / 631FC thin white card, thickness 0.28mm, made of card direct printing, materials with a high resistance to magnetic itself

3. RECO-View FB661-M Silver, thickness 0.22mm, made of card direct printing, materials with a high resistance to magnetic stripe itself.

Rewritable card introduced

Video card (rewritable card) in 1993 by the Japanese R & D production; in 1994 to the market; and in the year in Japan, launched a four-generation card (digital replication card) revolution, popular in Japan after the country digital replication. card not only convenient for consumers, but also improve the trust business, digital duplicate card will be valid business - customers interact together, while promoting the economic development of Japan, annual sales reached 120 million years digital replication card. It developed rapidly in some Southeast Asian countries.
Digital video card is a high-tech product development in today's society, not only store information, but information can be displayed directly on the card rewritable film, and the video card can be repeated more than 500 times to write, direct to the user visual effects, this effect need not be expensive LCD screen or special paper to get the cost. video card is now a supermarket in Japan, Korea and Southeast Asia, shopping malls, chain restaurants and entertainment as well as a variety of hospitals, refueling stations, toll stations and other public sector widely used, gives users considerable benefits, good response.

Video card (rewritable card)

Video card (rewritable card) is coated with a film of visual card collectively. It can be combined by the visual surface of the magnetic stripe, IC, smart card, bar code or bump card to suit specific environmental needs by reading and writing control of the temperature of the surface makes the card special materials directional movement of molecules to achieve the implicit explicit fonts and graphics, this process does not require any consumables.

Video card printer / reader

All video card printers have print and erase the visible face of this basic function, in addition to the actual needs of the user, but also increase the magnetic card / IC card reader and so on in order to communicate with the outside world.

System Properties

Rewritable card surface information (text, pictures)

Can be combined (magnetic stripe; IC chip; barcode; radio frequency chip) with a variety of memory carrier

High contrast, high-resolution

Ricoh imported materials, high-definition

Visual information beyond the imagination of hold time

Adapt to various card types of operating environments

Providing different widths, thickness coating material

Illustrated card face displays information; can continue to rewrite; cardholders instantly know the latest status of the card face consumer information can be updated at any time; fast printing; instant issuance; flexible and strong; lightweight and thin; facilitate collection; a third of the traditional card a thickness; no need supplies; environmental protection; resource conservation


Printable marks or patterns.

Rewritable printing 500 or more, without supplies.

Slim and stylish, flexible and strong.

Superior anti-magnetic.

Excellent price, targeted mobile advertising vehicle.

Consumer integral stored-value information displayed on the card performance, easy for customers to understand.

Cards can be recycled.

Class quality; class service; is our eternal pursuit!