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Video card

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Video card technology: Can the magnetic stripe, printed, available on the chip.

Common video card chips: TK4100, S50, S70 F08.

First, the video card concept

Visual information rewrite card (also known as: video card; video card is easy; window card; rewritable card; rewritable cards), is on the ISO7816 standard magnetic card or smart card cover layer can be repeatedly printed visual copying material, also known as a visual film, so that each customer card checkout when you can print out the card surface recording and promotion of consumer information, the next time the consumer can have the contents of the printed erase and re-print, Not only the cardholder can easily check their consumption records, businesses can update sales information, so as to promote two-way interaction. As a new technology, after 2000, once launched in the world market made a good reputation, the 2002 Global sales of nearly 200 million, businesses have their widely used in convenience for consumers, but also for businesses to bring direct economic benefits, promote their own products, and its sales momentum soared .

Second, the video card material

Rewrite the card using the most advanced thermal rewritable technology, which was developed on the basis of conventional thermal technologies on traditional heat-sensitive materials can only be used once, and the new thermal rewritable material implements used repeatedly. Rewrite card is covered with a 'Thermo Rewrite' material of cards, the card surface information can be repeatedly read out and rewritten, so that the original card face fixed into a dynamic information window Currently on the visual card applications 'Thermo Rewrite' materials are mainly two: one is silver-based thermal physical material, namely the end of white silver card; the other is black, blue, red type of thermochemical reaction materials, namely white with black, blue, red cards.

Third, the video card features

1; card surface can be printed directly for each customer record consumption; facilitate cardholders to view at any time

2, can be repeatedly erased and re-print the card face information (text, pictures), visual information can be maintained for a long time

4; choose different colors of printed material; set print range of different sizes

5; personalized visual information; a full taste and fashion

6; can effectively protect the interests of consumers; promote businesses to enhance the credibility of consciousness

Category Four, visual card

1, from the Kaji material division:

It can be divided into two kinds of PVC cards and PET card; wherein the shape of PVC card; size and material as ordinary bank cards; on the surface of the card can be rewritten additional layer of special thermal film visual function can be realized; more popular; The size of the PET card as ordinary bank cards; but it is very thin; it is an alternative; strong flexibility; can fold 360 degrees; more personalized;

2, from the card surface display area can be divided:

The whole card can be divided; three narrow card and regional cards; which means that the entire card surface of the entire card can be rewritten according to the needs of information; it is generally Kaji PVC material types of cards; narrow card refers to the entire surface of the card is only a quarter the size of the amplitude can be rewritten according to the needs of information; and this can be rewritten location area also has special requirements; it is generally Kaji PVC material types of cards; regional card refers to the entire surface of the card or any card surface in a small area or a region can be rewritten according to the needs of information; it is generally PET Kaji material type of card;

3, from the card information storage media division:

Can be divided into IC (including contact and contactless) cards and magnetic stripe cards are two, in which the IC card corresponding Kaji material can be PVC cards, magnetic stripe cards corresponding Kaji material may be PVC cards and PET cards They are two, but the card can only correspond PET material magnetic stripe cards, magnetic stripe and it is also very special, located in the back of the entire card, and the surface of the magnetic strip can also be color printing, with ordinary magnetic stripe bank cards completely different.