3D card

3D card

Product description:

3D Card Overview:

3D stereo card is a new three-dimensional image mode, the card surface can be seen from different angles different images, which can be read of very strong, its features amazing. Cards visual effects can be three-dimensional depth effect, also may have to zoom , displacement, rounded visual effects, completely different from the general printed cards. That combination of multiple images in one, the change through different angles, produce different images of change, can be combined 24-30 the image file, use the four-color printing, produce better animation, depth and 3D video effects.

3D stereo card Main widely used: electronics, hardware, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food, daily necessities, stationery, and other high profile packaging.

3D card produces three-dimensional effect of the principle?

The human eye when viewing a three-dimensional object, since the level of the eyes in two separate different positions, the object image observed is different, there is an aberration between them, due to the presence of this aberration by The human brain, we can feel the depth of the three-dimensional changes in a 3D world, this is called the principle of stereoscopic vision.

3D card - what it feels like grating?

Raster - to produce 3D image when used for an optical material simply, as a number of shape size, the optical properties of a lens consistent sequence on a plane in the vertical direction, the formation of the grating bars, several pieces of grating strips horizontally in order of priority, the formation of the grating plate, commonly referred to as grating.

3D card - the relationship between raster and 3D stereoscopic images we see between?

Stereoscopic image is to use grating material properties, will screen a number of pieces of the details of a number of different images images of different perspectives of the same subject or the same perspective of a certain order derangement an image displayed on the screen, through the gratings isolation and transmission or reflection, the image is printed on a different angle shot detail in people's eyes, or change the formation of three-dimensional effect.

3D stereo card is a new three-dimensional image mode, the card can be read face of very strong, its features amazing. Cards visual effect is the depth of stereo effect, completely different from the general printed cards.

3D stereo card gives the impression that real people living items in front of you, give a true and dazzling visual effects. Many objects can be made to appear to be a multi-level image depth, 3D stereo effect will be a very attract attention patterns. a variety of places to use the card need to improve the visual effect of publicity. can improve advertising effectiveness, by various advertisers alike.

Stereo separation software synthesis. Synthesis and separation at the same time, a place to direct the synthesis of optimal accuracy, optimal precision separations, output lines up to 4800 lines. 1 bit tiff image of high precision, but small files, can be in the CTP and film machine output directly, on a regular printer can also play a good effect, the effect is ten times better than conventional technologies. RI P 3D emerges, the three-dimensional picture of the big picture raster processing problems solved, three-dimensional precision has also been greatly improved.

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