NFC payment tag

NFC payment tag

Product description:

Product Name: NFC mobile payment tag

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Product Specifications:

Model 001

Type: High-frequency electronic tags

Product physical parameters:

Common size 30 * 15, 40 * 25, 35 * 35, Dia. 25/35/45, etc (mm)

Substrate material PVC / Paper / PET

Etched aluminum antenna material

Quantity or specified by the customer)

Product Environmental Parameters:

Operating temperature -25-55 (℃)

Storage temperature -25-55 (℃)

Product performance parameters:

ISO14443 or other agreement

Operating Frequency 13.56MHz

Standard ISO14443

Chip ultralight; mifare 1k S50; mifare 1k f08; mifare 4K S70; NXP desfire

Memory 512 (bits)

Read-write mode

Life) 10 years

Read and write times 100,000

Reading distance of about 3 ~ 10 (cm) (depending on the work environment and reader)

Products Commercial applications:

Application Access Control; members of management; mobile payment; tickets; subway; bus etc.

Product Categories:

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