Phone card stickers

Phone card stickers

Product description:

Paste the phone card mobile payment mobile payment tags NFC phone tag tag

Product type mobile wallet paste / externally bonded card


(1) The printed layer may be a PVC.

(2) shield.

(3) to achieve a multi-purpose card, functional integration.

(4) easy to carry and easy to use.

(5) does not affect the appearance, difficult to damage.

(6) Use absorbing shielding materials, resistance to infection, high sensitivity.

(7) appearance of the product, the shape can design personalized.

(8) Any non-contact chip can be used to encapsulate.

working principle

(1) due to the etching-based layer is provided with external data reader control module.

(2) The control module can contain the data analysis processing control chip, connected to the controller chip and an antenna unit for receiving and transmitting signals and connected to the control chip LC series resonant circuit unit.

(3) readers emit excitation signal (fixed frequency electromagnetic waves group) .IC card into the meter writers work area, is the reader signal excitation in the electromagnetic wave excitation, LC card series resonant circuit resonance, while the docking circuit card information received was analyzed, after the IC card reader commands to be processed, transmit response information to the reader, IC card reader receives the response information.

Function (4) of the printed layer: beautiful appearance, etch protection layer functions because class because class layers: Function IC card reader shield: double-sided adhesive layer anti-metal interference function: stick the card in your phone shell

Product use bus, subway, city card, campus card, supermarkets and entertainment, education, medical and identification and other small mobile payment options.

The phone card of the mobile payment tag stickers.

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