Card U disk

Card U disk

Product description:

Card U disk

Product description: Government agencies Units need to carry out some activities such as: cultural activities, investment work, mobilization, etc., souvenirs activity is needed, some of the benefits without costs and practical small gifts is the best, for example, said printing activity / meeting its contents The school card U disk is a good choice, stylish, inexpensive, and after work we are able to use. In addition, between governments, between the unit and the unit can also be each other gifts, printed local government architectural features, such as scenic spots, landmarks, cultural characteristics, etc., are your best choice.

education Is the basis for a country's development. With the national emphasis on education each year infrastructure construction, China's education, especially higher education, has been basically popularized computer teaching. Popularization of computers will inevitably bring about the widespread use of computer peripherals, for example, said U disk is a good example.

Media Industry Leading the public opinion guidance, in modern society which she also plays an important role, whether it is a press conference, promotion, investment will be and so on occasion, fine school card U disk is your best choice. Stylish , beautifully printed, practical and generous, and this beautiful gift but also to maximize the unique display of your media company's brand image promotion.

School card U disk; double-sided color printing; fit your individual needs!

First, the size (L * W * H mm): 85.0mm * 52.5mm * 2.0mm

Second, the weight (g): 15

Third, the material: plastic

Fourth, Interface: USB 2.0

V. Operating temperature: 0 ℃ -60 ℃

Six, Storage temperature: -20 ℃ -85 ℃

Seven Color: White.

Eight, the printing process: Printing

Nine, applicable Packaging: tin packaging

X. Warranty: 2 years

XI features:

11GB, 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB Take your pick.

2, it can be used with any computer and other electronic devices with a USB interface.

3, suitable for computer use large capacity, lightweight and compact, portable data storage.

4, moisture resistance, high temperature, resistance to electromagnetic interference.

5, USB2.0 standard interface is simple, plug and play, use, good reliability, no drive, no external power supply.

6, using a non-volatile storage medium (NANDFLASH MEMORY), power data is not lost.

7, support for Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Mac OS X v. 10.3. X +, Linux v. 2.6. X + and automatically identify the operating system, install the appropriate drivers, no need manually install (except WINDOWS98).

8, the data read and write speed: 8-15MB / 3-6MB / sec (with the speed of the host), long life, data can be stored for 10 years

Class quality; class service; is our eternal pursuit!