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ZRN-LUGB temperature and pressure compensation intelligent vortex flowmeter

ZRN-LUGB temperature and pressure compensation intelligent vortex flowmeter
  • ZRN-LUGB temperature and pressure compensation intelligent vortex flowmeter
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ZRN-LUGB temperature and pressure compensation intelligent vortex flowmeter sensor is a new design concept, the temperature, pressure, flow signals in one set, three by intelligent digital processor output signal mixing processing a standard flow compensated , enabling gas, steam temperature and pressure compensation. As a result of the integration of intelligent design, so. LUGB Temperature and pressure compensation intelligent vortex flowmeter belong to our family in a compact, easy installation and maintenance features.
Second, the functional characteristics
Table body while incorporating temperature and pressure compensation compensation measure standard volume flow or standard mass flow rate of the fluid.
Full of intelligent, digital circuit design, automatically compensates for the measured fluid density or standard volumetric calculations.
The new digital filtering and correction feature allows more accurate and reliable flow measurement.
Battery-powered without external power supply can work continuously for more than two years.
The new dot matrix character LCD display easier to operate.
Third, the technical parameters
Measuring media: liquid, gas, steam
Medium viscosity: less than 10cp
Medium temperature: -50 ℃ - + 400 ℃
Body Material: 1Cr18Ni9Ti (other material supply agreement)
Sensor seal: graphite gasket (special request)
Ambient temperature: -30 ℃ - + 80 ℃ (special request)
Nominal Diameter:
Pipeline: DN15 - DN300;
Plug-in: DN200-2000mm
measurement accuracy:
Liquid: ± 0.5% of measured value (special)
± 0.5% of measured value: Gas
Turndown ratio: 10: 1
Pressure rating: PN25, PN40 (high pressure can be specially manufactured)
Flanged DN15 - DN300.
Proof in the form:
Flameproof Ex dⅡBT4-T6
Intrinsically safe Ex iaⅡCT4-T6
Protection: IP67
Converter housing: die-cast aluminum, painted
Supply voltage: 12--36VDC or 3.6V battery
Output signal: two-wire current output 4--20mA
Site display: programmable display instantaneous flow, cumulative flow
Communication: RS485 communication

Caliber and flow range selection table
DN (mm) liquid gas steam
20 0.8-10 5-40 8-80
25 1-12 7.2-60 10-120
32 1.5-20 12-100 15-200
40 2-30 18-150 20-300
50 3-50 30-300 30-450
65 6-80 50-420 60-800
80 10-130 70-600 100-1300
100 20-200 120-1000 200-2000
125 30-300 180-1500 300-3000
150 45-450 240-2000 450-4500
200 90-900 480-4000 900-9000
250 120-1200 700-8000 1200-12000
300 180-2000 900-10000 1600-16000
( Installation diagram )

Vortex flowmeter pipeline site installation diagram

Large boiler room on-site installation, map: