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Ultrasonic flowmeter

Ultrasonic flowmeter
  • Ultrasonic flowmeter
  • Ultrasonic flowmeter
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ZRN-100 series ultrasonic flowmeter
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Introduction ∷ ∷

I. Product Overview
ZRN-100 Ultrasonic flowmeter Based on ultrasonic transit-time principle, the use of low-voltage, multi-pulse, digital signal processing and error correction technology, measuring tube filled with a closed liquid flow meter. His use of advanced dual-balanced differential signal transmitter and receiver technology, make products more adapted to industrial site environment, more convenient, more accurate measurement is widely used in petroleum, chemical, steel, metallurgy, electric power, water supply and drainage, and other fields flow metering water and various liquid media. ZRN-100 ultrasonic flow / heat meter with high accuracy, repeatability good, installation, easy maintenance and many other advantages, the sensor has a convenient clamp-on, available online installation, maintenance, plug-in, high-precision and ultra-precision tubes segment of standard π-tube stage, the host including handheld ultrasonic flow meter portable ultrasonic flowmeter, clamp-on Ultrasonic flowmeter , Panel mounted and integrated, while a variety of output forms of communication to choose from. In recent years, Sino-Swiss can and have developed a meter for measuring open channels, drains, ditches, sewage outlet ZRN2000 series of ultrasonic flowmeter, flowmeter and weir tank with the use of measuring the flow of water inside the open channel is mainly used to measure the wastewater treatment plant, sewage outfall rate things were units, city sewer flow and irrigation channels, etc ..
Two, ZRN-100 series ultrasonic flow / heat sensor
1, clamp-on ultrasonic flowmeter supporting sensor (for medium temperature ≤110 ° C)

Standard Junior clamp-type sensor SI (magnetic)
For diameter DN15~100mm
Medium standard clamp-type MI sensor (magnetic)
For diameter DN50~700mm
Large standard clamp-type sensor LI
For diameter DN300~6000mm

2, plug- Ultrasonic flowmeter Sensor (abrasive casting, high temperature resistant ceramic sensor for temperature -40 ° C~160 ° C; Material: 316 stainless steel)

Insert type B (DIP)
Installation space ≥500mm
Insert C-type (permafrost)
Suitable for small installation space ≥360mm
Insert type B (cement pipe-line only)
Installation space ≥700mm

3, the standard π-tube stage sensor (DN10mm-DN40mm)

4, standard pipe segment sensor (DN50mm-DN1000mm)

5, sensor technology parameter table

Types of Clamp-on Plug-in Pipe-stage
The type of fluid Water; sea; water; acid liquid; alcohol; beer; oils and other single homogeneous stable liquid ultrasonic energy conduction
Fluid Turbidity ≤10000ppm and small bubbles content
Fluid velocity 0.01~ ± 32m / s
Fluid temperature≤110° High temperature resistant ceramic sensor applicable -40 ° C~160 ° C
Fluid pressure Without pressure on ≤2.5MPa
Applicable tubing Uniform mass density of glass and steel pipes;; steel; stainless steel; cast iron; cement pipe (plug-in), copper; PVC; aluminum lined allowed
Protection class IP68 (water work can be invaded, depth ≤3 m)
Straight pipe Sensor installation point should meet: Upstream 10D; downstream 5D; from the pump outlet 30D (D refers to the diameter)
For diameter Standard line S1 type (magnetic) DN15-100mm
Standard line M1 type (magnetic) DN50-700mm
Standard line L1 type
DN80-6000mm DN10-1000mm
(See pipe size table)

Three, ZRN-100 Ultrasonic flowmeter Host computer


Handheld (H) Portable (P) Standard panel mounted (FS)
Standard wall-mounted (F1) Explosion-proof wall-mounted (F2) Wall-mounted network (FN)

2, the host Features

principle Low voltage; multi-pulse ultrasonic time difference principle; double-balanced differential signal transmitter
Accuracy Better than ± 1% Repeatability Better than ± 0.5% Measurement period 500ms
display Full Chinese backlit LCD display instantaneous flow and positive; negative; net cumulative flow; flow; time; analog input, etc. Data
Features Positive; Anti-way metering; measurable positive; negative; net cumulative flow
64 days before the auto memory; the first 64 months; the previous five years cumulative flow
Automatic memory 64 times before the power-up and power-off time and flow; can be manual or automatic fill volume; thus reducing flow losses
Whether the automatic memory work status 64 days before the normal flow meter
Data interface: factory configured for RS-232 mode, after the optional RS-232 / RS-485 converter can be changed to RS-485 mode programmable batch (quantitative) Controller
Equipped with GPRS / GSM module enables remote monitoring (FN network type)
Signal output Current output: 4-20mA or 0-20mA, impedance 0-1K, accuracy ± 0.1%
OCT output: positive; negative; the net cumulative flow or heat pulse or instantaneous flow frequency signal (1-9999Hz optional)
Relay: output of nearly 20 kinds of original signal (such as no signal, reverse flow, etc.)
Sound the alarm: buzzer alarm sounds according to the settings (such as the amount of traffic, too)
Signal Input You can enter 5 analog power signal AI1, AI2 ..AI5 (such as temperature; pressure; signal level, etc.). Input temperature signal measurement function enables the heat
Protection class IP65
Riot Level Exd | | BT4
temperature -30 ° C ~80 ° C
Power 2W (domestic same kinds of models in minimum power consumption)
power supply AC220V, DC8~36V or AC7~30V (to avoid sharing power with the drive; if unavoidable, please contact me; will host the installation of filters)
Special cable SEYV75-2 dedicated shielded cable can be extended based on a single source of interference to 500 meters (over this length of contact with the manufacturers), and the user should pay attention not to a parallel cable and high-voltage cables, try to avoid the inverters.

four, ZRN-100 series Ultrasonic flowmeter Selection
1, ZRN-100B plug-in Ultrasonic flowmeter : Special drilling device can be non-stop installation usually mono measure, in order to improve the measurement accuracy, the choice of three channels.
2, ZRN-100 pipe-stage Ultrasonic flowmeter : The need to cut the piping installation, but do not shut down after the maintenance can be used in mono or three-channel sensor.
3, ZRN-100F clamp-on Ultrasonic flowmeter : Able to complete the fixed and mobile measurement using special coupling agent (room temperature curable silicone rubber or high-temperature long-chain polymer grease) to install, does not damage the pipeline installation.
4, ZRN-100P portable Ultrasonic flowmeter : Portable use, built-in rechargeable lithium battery, suitable for mobile measurement, connected with a magnetic sensor.
5, ZRN-100H Handheld Ultrasonic flowmeter : Small size, light weight, built-in rechargeable lithium battery, hand-held use, connected with a magnetic sensor.
6, ZRN-100FN explosion-proof type ultrasonic flowmeter: for hazardous liquid flow measurement for explosion-proof and intrinsically safe explosion-proof type converter that is, the sensor is intrinsically safe.
7, flow measurement systems: ultrasonic flowmeter by more than one master stations and systems for centralized measuring multiple pipeline.
8, ultrasonic calorimeter: Used to measure the heat of the heating system.
9, battery-powered ultrasonic flowmeter: use a lithium battery-powered integrated ultrasonic flowmeter is suitable for the occasion without mains supply, a battery can use for ten years, with a variety of measurement functions.
Pipe-stage ultrasonic flowmeter transducer and measure the tubes one, to solve a problem posted outside the flowmeter in measurement. And accuracy are higher than other ultrasonic flowmeter, but also at the expense of outside - attached ultrasonic This advantage continues to flow meter installation, pipeline installation requires cutting transducer.
(3) Plug-in
Plug-in ultrasonic flowmeter Intermediate between the above two. On the installation can continue to flow, the use of specialized tools on a water pipe drilling, the transducer is inserted into the pipeline, the installation is complete. Since the transducer in the pipeline, transmit its signal, accepted only after the measured medium, rather than through the wall and the lining, so the quality is not measured and pipe lining material restrictions pipe.
3 ultrasonic flowmeter selection
Ultrasonic flowmeter In addition to these types, in recent years and the emergence of digital circuits using digital ultrasonic flowmeter, the transducer and the converter to do with the integrated ultrasonic flowmeter, and so on. The face of numerous types of ultrasonic flowmeter The user needs a reasonable selection to the actual situation and measurements.
3.1 Doppler ultrasonic flowmeter
Can only be used to measure the reflected ultrasound signal containing appropriate particles or bubbles of fluid, such as liquid plant emissions, untreated sewage, magazine content and stable plant process fluid, etc. is to be noted that it measured media more stringent requirements, that can not is clean water, while acrobatics content should be relatively stable before they can properly measure, and instruments from different manufacturers to test performance and the requirements of manufacturers are not the same. Select this type ultrasonic flowmeter that is, to know what the measured medium, but also for the selected ultrasonic flowmeter performance, accuracy and measured medium requires a deeper understanding.
3.2 portable ultrasonic flowmeter
Suitable temporary measure, mainly for running state other flow meters have been installed on the proof pipes, were at that time the fluid flow balance test, checking the pipeline within a region, etc. If you do not make a fixed installation, and for these purposes, selection of portable ultrasonic flowmeter is both convenient and economical.