ZRN-DP series of large-screen display

ZRN-DP series of large-screen display

Product description:


DP Series of large-screen display Into measuring input type, communication interface type and clock type categories to meet different application requirements. 1 large-screen machine 1. These three types can be mixed inside, complete more complex functions.

2. Using high brightness LED display latch display brightness high, uniform, and strong anti-jamming capability

3. Large screen components within a fully modular structure, high degree of standardization, the production cycle is short, easy maintenance

4. LED character height from 45.72mm (1.8 inches) to 304.8mm (12 inches)

5. You can enter measuring input type thermal resistance, thermocouple, current and voltage analog signals and pulse signals, single or multi-channel. Function see XS series various instruments

6. The communication interface type for use with computers, XS series of instruments or other intelligent devices used in conjunction with

7. The clock type for year, month, day, hour, minute and second display

basic configuration:
(Only / communication interface type) 4 LED
① non-communication interface type can be added to the appropriate instruments and functions
② Optional clock type
③ optional backlight unit quantities
④ shape can be adjusted to customer requirements
Selection Tables
Code Description
DP /
Types of
Measurement input type DP (corresponding measurement functions built instruments)
Communication Interface type DP
Clock type DP (optional XSPC, with a time program given function)
Mixed type DP
Chassis made of iron
The chassis is made of aluminum
Chassis made of stainless steel
display method
It represents one-sided display
He expressed sided display (counting only the second side digital control, LED, backlit display words of price)
LED * LED digits height
• •*••―
The double-sided display, sum display digits when both sides of the digital LED digits
Indicator Number (Limit CS, TS type DP)
When the light is not required 0
Relay output (limit TS type, protocol type C type)
T0: No relay output T1 ~ T4: 1 ~ 4 point output
Display (limit SZ type DP)
Display content such as: month, day, hour, minute
Backlit display words
The amount of units such as engineering, company name, etc. backlit display total number of digits.
Not be omitted
Communication Interface (limited TS type DP)
S1: RS-232 Interface
S2: RS-485 Interface
Protocol type (limit TS type DP)
Provide the user agreement
Mating XS series of instruments or modules
Connected with the computer, according to the standard buffer mode
Instrument Type (limited CS, SZ type DP, which is connected with the meter SZ type of XSPC)
Realize measurements corresponding Instrument Type
Instrument Power
220V AC
24V DC