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ZRN-M400 Data Collection Management Software

ZRN-M400 Data Collection Management Software
  • ZRN-M400 Data Collection Management Software
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ZRN-M400 Data Collection Management Software Suitable for the instrument (including: XSL, XSR, XST, XSD, XSZ, XSE, XSB-1, XSB-2, XSH, XSM, XSN, XSV, XSTC, XSDC etc.) the measurement data read into the computer through a serial port and display, store, and analyze data stored curve, curve printing, trend browsing and data display, report generation, report editor, report printing, conversion to generate TXT, Excel files.
* The number of measurement points denominated, the user can get Best Price.
* Extremely Easy to use After installation without configuration programming you can get almost all of the data processing functions on the user's skill requirements are minimal.
* Save Cycle Set by the user, the fastest of up to 0.1 seconds, automatic calibration timing error.
* Report line time interval Freely set by the user.
* Curve combination Set by the user.
* Report column combo Set by the user, with the maximum, minimum, average value of statistical functions.
* Curve analysis Extremely convenient, real-time curve, historical curve consistent interface, easy operation.
* Instrumentation and measurement channel selection User combination, four, five generic indicator.
* Real-time data display According to automatically adjust the screen display data number, size and location.
* Distinguished archiving cycle curve fastest 0.1 seconds of data, real-time curve, historical curve can be.
* Communication speed up to 0.1 seconds / second, stable and reliable.
This software is available in a demo version, free of charge Phone: 400-676-6002