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ZRN509 high speed torque sensor

ZRN509 high speed torque sensor
  • ZRN509 high speed torque sensor
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I. Features:
This series of high-speed torque sensor is a sensor based on the standard strain sensor measuring the torque developed on special torque transmission parameters.
ZRN509 type torque and rotational speed sensor is a torque sensor ZRN50 series without bearing high speed small range torque sensor.
This series torque sensor includes:
1. Torque measurement function; energy and non-contact signal transfer function, 3 output signal digitization function.
2. You can pass static torque signal, rotation torque signal, dynamic torque signal, a static torque signal.
3. When the transfer signal whether the rotation speed and direction irrelevant. Can adapt to long, high-speed operation.
4. High accuracy, good stability;
5, small size, light weight, easy to install;
6. without repeatedly reversing the zero torque can be continuously transmitted signal;
7. No collector rings and other wear parts, can be as high speed long-running;
8. Strong anti-interference;
9. anywhere, any orientation;
Second, technical indicators
1. range: · m, 100N m, 500N.m;.
2. Accuracy: 0.5% F · S;
3. For speed 15,000 rev / min or less.
4. Ambient temperature: 0 ℃ -50 ℃
5. Frequency Response: 100 μs
6. weight = 0.8Kg
7. Output signal: 0-12v square wave frequency; zero torque: 10 KHZ; Forward span: 15 KHZ; reverse full scale: 5 KHZ; load current (10mA.
8. The signal receptacle: (1) 0V (2) + 15V (3) -15V (4) blank (5) torque signal....
III. Installation
1. ZRN509 type torque sensor by a stationary housing and a rotating column of two parts.
2. Place the stationary housing cover on the outside of the rotating column.
3. Place the spin column ends by the flange coupling force or load coupled respectively.
The stationary housing fixed to the base, adjust the gap to ensure non-contact between the stationary housing and the rotary column!
Four, signal processing
1. Use ZRN500 series torque meter directly displays the torque value;
2. Direct torque frequency signal to a computer or PLD processing;
3. Convert to 4-20mA or 1-5V analog signal.
V. Caution:
1. The wiring must be correct;
2. ± 15V range: not less than ± 14.5V shall not exceed ± 15.5V;
3. The output signal line may not be on the ground, short to power, the output current is less than 10mA;
The shielded cable shield must be connected to the common terminal ± 15V supply (power ground).
5. Use the if in doubt please contact the company, may not disassemble the warranty period.
6. When energized state, must not be withdrawn from the enclosure spin column! Circuit easily damaged!