Flow wireless remote meter reading system

Flow wireless remote meter reading system

Product description:

Flow meter GPRS remote meter-reading system is a Swiss instrument technology limited the use of modern information technology and perfect combination of flow metering technology, set measurements, data processing functions, integrated treatment of mine water information systems, making water companies fundamentally reduce manual site meter's complicated labor. Accurate and convenient charging system, and both can save labor and reduce disputes between the water sector and its customers, it will not only improve the efficiency of management, and adapt to the new needs of modern users of water fee.

Second, the system:
Control Center: hardware includes servers, GPRS modules, Netcom's fixed IP or move lines.
Software including: operating systems software, database software, real time monitoring and management system of water supply software, firewall software.
Communication networks: China Mobile GPRS wireless network.
Control Terminal: remote monitoring and control equipment.
Of control equipment: water meter or (Ultrasonic Flowmeter electromagnetic flowmeter), the pressure transmitter.
GPRS wireless remote meter reading system by monitoring master station and several modules, and communications between them by moving the company's GPRS network. Main station by computer systems and data communication devices, data display, storage, analysis, statistics, control, printing, human-machine interface and other functions. Sub-station by the flow meter and GPRS wireless data transmission equipment, and complete the basic data collection and transmission.
As a result of moving the company's GPRS network to transmit data system is simple, fast and stable.
Main features:

• Support for GPRS wireless, SMS, cable multiple communication modes.
• Support for remote measurement and control terminals from different manufacturers.
• Supports different manufacturers of water meters, flow meters, start Cabinet, electric valve.
• B/s structure, support LAN and INTERNET browsing, actions.
• Support active inquiry and active escalation mode.
• Reservation data interfaces with other monitoring systems.
• Support for GIS systems.
• Support for database operations.
• Monitoring data alarm data storage capabilities.
• Support for flow, level, pressure, water quality, pump status data such as queries.
• In support of the above statistical data, analysis, comparison, output and print.
• Generate data graphs, comparing real-time and historical graphs

• Features a modular design to meet different customer needs.
• Acquisition of water wells and water pumping station flow, pressure, water level, water quality, water pumps, valves and other equipment status information.
• Remote control water pump starting and stopping of the valve opening and closing.
• Support IC card water, remote water.
• Collected monitoring points of water supply pipe network pressure, flow, and so on.
• Collect water plants, operation of pumping equipment status information, capture flow, pressure, water level, water quality and other data.
• Support for wireless meter reading.
• Supports wireless meter reading.
• Support for field equipment alarm, such as: pump fault pipe network pressure is too low, water quality, traffic disruptions.
• Support for remote setup and maintenance of field equipment.
• Support Center.

2.0 master station system
2.1 hardware configuration
Interface description: