UST imported film thermal resistance

UST imported film thermal resistance

Product description:

German imports UST film platinum RTD chip
Platinum thin-film platinum RTD chip temperature sensor is an epoch-making product development. Using the most advanced high-tech methods, such as laser deposition, photomicrographs and lithography lithography technology. The resistance value is determined to fine-tune the digital trimming mode, which can It provides the most accurate resistance value.
1: Technical Description
* Product performance in line with IEC751-1995 and JIS1604 relevant standards.
* Temperature Coefficient: R100 / R0 = 1.3851
* Rigorous quality picking and indicate exactly when the resistance of each element of C 0 ℃.
* Film platinum RTD element is made of special ceramic and platinum, at a high temperature to maintain good stability, suitable for use at temperatures 4OO ℃ -50 ℃ ∽ of.
* Platinum thin film in the ceramic surface by laser spray, thin film platinum RTD element and therefore has a good anti-vibration and anti-shock performance.
* The film surface covered with a ceramic, and therefore can withstand the high voltage element and good insulation properties.
* Platinum RTD chip in addition to providing Pt100Ω outside, there Pt500 and Pt1000Ω elements.
* Accuracy: In addition to providing A-class and B-class, there are more accurate 1 / 3B level for users to choose.
2: CRZ Series Product Specifications
* Temperature range: -50 ℃ ∽ 4OO ℃.
* Accuracy: A grade, grade B,, there are more accurate 1 / 3B level.
* Specified current (mA): 2mA (max)
* Lead material: palladium alloys.

* Film film platinum RTD chips are widely used around the world, instrument manufacturing, for the manufacture of a variety of temperature sensors.
* Especially for temperature measurement accuracy requirements of scientific research fields and industrial areas more suitable.
* Widely used in cogeneration units worldwide and heat meters matching temperature sensor manufacturing.
* Used in central air-conditioning temperature control.)
* Other temperature control field. (PH value of the temperature compensation, etc.)

product manual:

1, the resistance: PT20, PT50, PT100, PT200, PT500, PT1000

2, Level: A grade, B grade, 1 / 3B level, 1 / 10B Level

3, temperature range: -50-600 ℃

4, chip size: 2 * 2.3 * 1.3mm (W * L * D)

5, lead material: pure platinum