Import FFM62 intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter

Import FFM62 intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter

Product description:

FFM62 intelligentized electromagnetic flowmeter is a stable and precise flowmeter which is developed on the basis of Faraday law of electromagnetic induction and weighted function magnetic field distribution technology. The low-frequency rectangular wave excitation and intelligentized transformation technology are adopted to ensure the stable zero and precision of 0.5 grade and repeatability of 0.25%. The flowmeter is applicable to the flow measurement of the conducting liquid and fluid (such as pure water, sewage, all kinds of acidic, basic and salt solutions, slurry, pulp, paper pulp and liquid for food) inside the closed pipes. It is widely applied to the industries including metallurgy, paper making, water treatment, chemical processing, light industry, textile, power and mining.

technical advantages of FFM62 intelligentized electromagnetic flowmeter:

Intelligentized transducer adopts the internationally advanced MCU and SMT technology. It is reliable in performance, high in precision, low in power consumption, stable in zero, and convenient for parameter setting. The Chinese LCD in the form of lattice is provided.

The high-precision constant current source low-frequency rectangular wave excitation is adopted to ensure the stable magnetic field. It is free from the electromagnetic interference. No vortex effect is generated and the orthogonal and in-phase interference are small. In addition, no polarization will occur. These characteristics will ensure the low power consumption of flowmeter. No heat is generated and the zero is quite stable. No drift will happen and the little pollution will happen to the electrode.

Intelligentized transducer adopts clutter suppression technology to eliminate the clutter completely to ensure the stable measurement. In order to ensure the accurateness in measurement, the function magnetic field analysis is adopted to remove bias flow. These techniques help overcome the interferences of noises from the fluids such as slurry and paper pulp to ensure the stability and accurateness in measurement. It is the greatest advantage of Floworld FFM 62 intelligentized electromagnetic flowmeter.

The electrode lead of the sensor is led out while being kept parallel to magnetic line of force In this way, the induction current in the circuit of the electrode lead of most electromagnetic flowmeters is removed;. The oxthogonal interference and zero drift that result from the unparallelism between the electrode lead and magnetic line of force are overcome to ensure the linearity and precision of the sensor.

Excitation coil adopts the advanced NC coil winding machine. The coils are automatically controlled through the use of PLC. For the already wound excitation coil, it will be treated with special technology to ensure the constant and uniform magnetic field as well as the repeatability and interchangeability of the sensor, thus ensuring the good precision, linearity and repeatability of the sensor.

Main technical parameters of FFM62 intelligentized electromagnetic flowmeter:

Fluid to be tested: conducting liquid
Precision grade: 0.5
Repeatability: 0.25%
Fluid temperature: -25 ℃ ~ 180 ℃
Rated pressure: 1.0MPa, 1.6MPa, 4.0MPa
Flow rate range: 0.3 ~ 12m / s
Conductivity: ≥5μs / cm
Material of the pipe to be tested: 304 stainless steel
Lining: rubber, polytetrafluoroethylene, etc.
Electrode material: stainless steel and Hastelloy alloys, etc
Protection degree: IP65 and IP68
Installation form: clamping connection for DN25 ~ DN300; flange connection for DN350 and above
Power: 220VAC, 50HZ (24VDC optional)
Output: standard pulse output, 4 ~ 20mA, RS485, HART protocol output
Structural form: integrated and divided
Electrical interface: M20 * 1.5
Explosion-proofing form: common non-explosion proof; explosion suppression (optional)
FFM62 intelligent electromagnetic flow meter is based on a good stability Ferrari principle of electromagnetic induction and magnetic field distribution of the weight function successfully developed technology, high accuracy intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter. Using low-frequency square wave excitation and intelligent converter technology, very stable zero precision 0.5, repeatability 0.25%, flow measurement applies to enclosed conductive liquid and slurry pipeline, such as liquid water, sewage, various chemical salt easy, mud, pulp, pulp and food areas are widely used metallurgy, papermaking, water treatment, chemical industry, light industry, textile, electricity and mining industries.

FFM62 intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter technical advantages:

Smart Converter adopts the most advanced microcontroller (MCU) and surface mount (SMT) technology, reliable performance, high accuracy, low power consumption, zero stability, convenient parameter setting, dot matrix Chinese display LCD.
High-precision low-frequency square wave excitation current source, to ensure the stability of the magnetic field having electromagnetic interference is small, does not produce a vortex effect, quadrature phase interference and interference with small, does not produce polarization characteristics, so as to ensure power meter Low, no heat, zero is very stable, drift-free, electrode pollution affect the advantage.
Smart Converter uses' clutter suppression technology to 'eliminate clutter, ensure the stability of the measurement; use' function magnetic field analysis mode technology 'ensure the elimination of' bias' influence, to ensure accurate measurement; to overcome the mud, pulp and other 'slurry noise 'interference and ensure the stability and accuracy of measurement, which is rich Vodafone FFM62 intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter biggest advantage.
Sensor electrode lead to ensure the use of the magnetic field lines drawn parallel manner, eliminating most of the electromagnetic flowmeter electrode lead circuit induced current, to overcome the interference due to the electrode lead orthogonal manner with the magnetic field lines are not parallel and the resulting zero drift, thereby ensuring that the sensor linearity and precision.
Excitation coil using advanced CNC routing machines, automatic control by PLC cable, for good excitation coil wound using a special process to ensure that the magnetic field is constant, uniform and sensor repeatability, interchangeability, so that the sensor has a very Good accuracy and linearity, repeatability.

FFM62 intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter main technical parameters:
Measurement of fluid: conductive liquid
Accuracy: 0.5
Repeatability: 0.25%
Fluid temperature: -25 ℃ ~ 180 ℃
Rated pressure: 1.0MPa, 1.6MPa, 4.0MPa
Velocity range: 0.3 ~ 12m / s
Conductivity Requirements: ≥5μs / cm
Measuring tube material: 304 stainless steel
Lining material: rubber, PTFE, and other options
A variety of optional stainless steel, Hastelloy, etc: an electrode material
Protection: IP65 and IP68
Installation form: DN25 ~ DN300 wafer type, DN350 above flange connection type
Power: 220VAC, 50HZ (24VDC optional)
Output: standard pulse output, 4 ~ 20mA, RS485, HART protocol output, etc.
Structure: Compact size and divided in two
Electrical connection: M20 * 1.5
Proof in the form: general non-explosion-proof, flameproof (optional)