ZRN-2000 open channel ultrasonic flowmeter

ZRN-2000 open channel ultrasonic flowmeter

Product description:

ZRN-2000 integrated flowmeter, ZRN-3000 split-type flowmeter

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Parshall slot models

Weir tank to turn into a liquid flow (above)

Common weir tank have, right triangular weir, rectangular weirs and Parshall slot (above)

Five: Installation Probe

Four: The main technical indicators

Ultrasonic flowmeter probe can be mounted directly above the weir tank water level observation points. Probe to align the sound side of the water. You can use the horizontal ruler on the head cover, cover school level by aligning the probe surface . Parshall tank water level observation points away from the throat constriction 2/3 length position (as La 7.4); and a triangular weir, the upstream side, the largest deep rectangular weir 3 to 4 times over the weir water from the weir plate. (see below) I: Introduction
Ultrasonic flowmeter and weir tank with the use of measuring the flow of water inside the open channel is mainly used to measure the wastewater treatment plant, sewage outfall rate things were units, city sewer flow and irrigation channels, etc. in Switzerland can also produce instrument handheld ultrasonic flowmeter, portable ultrasonic flowmeter, clamp-on, plug-in ultrasonic flowmeter which several ultrasonic flowmeter for measuring fluid flow in the pipeline.
As the Company through the air using ultrasonic instrument to non-contact measurement method. Therefore, in dirt, corrosive liquids situation than other forms of instruments with greater reliability.
II: Product Features:
• Physical closed probe
Change the traditional probe perfusion foam sealant dispensing process, use one of the casting gap closed Kivu probe, protection class IP68, waterproof and dust-proof and other significant advantages, better adapted to use in the field and other adverse situations, service life 3--5 years.
• Humanized full Chinese LCD
Full Chinese LCD 12864 point, the page can be displayed simultaneously on the display water level, clockwise flow, total flow, launching wave status, level display maps, the relay turned on, ambient temperature, output current and other parameters, just look at a page on You can learn all the information.
• Flexible measurement mode
Level and distance often two measurement modes, and can be flexibly set the reference position, let flow more intuitive
• diverse measurement time corresponding velocity
Depending on the environment of the scene can choose fast, medium, slow, greatly improves the stability and accuracy open channel flow meter.
• Parameter lock function
Good debugging parameters later, you can lock the keypad to prevent any mobilization of others already set parameters.
• parameter setting easier
Without conventional flowmeter complex set of parameters, our software do an internal fully intelligent, triangular weir installed directly be used directly, only need to select a rectangular weir weir crossing width, Parshall tank only need to set the value of c and n values
Three: Rationale
ZRN-2000 series of instruments to directly measure the physical quantity is level. For open channel flow measurement, the installation weir tank on the open channel. Weir tank size within the open channel flow turn into high and low level. Meter measuring the amount of water weir tank water level, then the corresponding weir tank water level - discharge relation is calculated backward flow.
3.1: Ultrasonic level measurement principles
Emitting ultrasonic transducer emits ultrasonic pulses propagated through the medium of propagation to the measured level, through reflection and then return to the receiving transducer through the sound transmission medium, the measured ultrasonic pulse propagates from the transmitter to the receiver in a sound transmission medium Time again to sound transmission medium according to the speed of sound, it can be regarded from the transducer to surface distance to determine the liquid level.
3.2: Measuring principle flow weir tank
Smooth circulation within the open channel flow, the higher level; flow rate, the lower level (Figure 2.1) is calculated by measuring the water level can counter flow corresponding relationship between flow and water level within the ordinary open channel by channel. The slope ratio and the effect of surface roughness of. installed in the channel weir trough, resulting throttle effect, so that open channel flow and level within a fixed correspondence between this relationship depends mainly on the weir tank The size of the structure, the impact of the channel is reduced to a minimum.

Six: installation weir tank

Installation weir tank should be noted that several problems, or affect flow measurement accuracy:

6.1: Weir tank centerline to coincide with the center line of the channel, so that the water flow into the weir tank does not appear bias.

6.2: After the weir tank water, water flow pattern to the free flow of triangular weir, rectangular weir downstream water level is lower than the weir sill; inundation of Parshall slot is less than 'Parshall slot parameter' critical submergence degree

6.3 : The amount of water upstream of the weir tank should be larger than the width of the straight channel segment 5 times, so that water flows smoothly into the weir tank that is not about bias, there is no momentum channel gradient formation.

6.4: Weir tank installed on the channel and the channel side walls should be strong, canal bottom should be closely linked, so that the measurement site is not leaking water all flowing weir tank metering bit weir plate is the weir;... The amount of water tank The measure is part of the throat section of the tank.

Seven: Host Dimensions

7.1 integrated ultrasonic flowmeter shape structure dimension drawing

7.1 split ultrasonic flowmeter shape structure dimension drawing

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