ZRN-WBQ rail temperature transmitter

ZRN-WBQ rail temperature transmitter

Product description:

Performance Overview
The products and modular instrumentation and DCS, PLC and other systems supporting the use of single or dual input thermocouple, RTD signal, and after the operation, linearization, interference suppression processing, transmission output isolated single or double Road linear current or voltage signal, and improve electrical isolation input, output, power supply. can be widely used among the oil, petrochemical, manufacturing, electricity, metallurgy and other sectors of the automatic control engineering.
Technical Specifications
Input Signal Type Thermocouple: K, E, S, B, J, R, N, T
Thermal resistance: Pt100, Cu100, Cu50, BA1, BA2
System transmission accuracy: ± 0.2% * F · S
Cold junction compensation accuracy: ± 1 ℃ (warm-up time 10 minutes)
When the measurement of thermal resistance allows the lead resistance: ≤30Ω
Temperature drift: ± 0.01% * F · S / ℃ (100ppm)
Current output allows external load impedance: 4-20mA outputs 0 ~ 550Ω; 0-10mA output 0 ~ 1.1kΩ.
Dielectric strength (between input / output / power): Not less than 2000V.dc, not less than 1500V.ac
Insulation resistance (power / input / output between): Not less than 100MΩ (1 min)
Work permit atmospheric pressure: 80-106kPa
Permissible ambient temperature for continuous operation: -10-+55℃
Work permit relative humidity: 10-90% RH (40 ℃ when)
Power supply: AC: AC 95 ~ 265V; DC: DC 16 ~ 28V
input power: 0.9 ~ 1.8W (depending on model)
Dimensions: W * H * D (22.5 * 100 * 115mm)

Dimensions / Installation

Dimensions: W * H * D: 22.5 * 100 * 115mm
Installation method: 35mm rail mounting, please note that when mounted vertically installed, in order to facilitate heat distribution within the instrument

Vertical installation diagram

1, temperature transmitters selection
model Description
ZRN-WBQ -• () -• -•
Number of input channels 1
Single input
Dual input
Transmitter type TC
Thermocouple temperature transmitter
RTD Temperature Transmitter
First output type See table Output Type
The second output type See table Output Type
First output type See the input signal type
The second output type See the input signal type
Temperature range transmitter () Set the temperature range of transmitter output
Power supply T
AC90 ~ 265V (Switching Power Supply)
DC24V (Switching Power Supply)
measurement accuracy
0.5% FS (can be omitted)
0.2% FS (please specify)
Output Code Features Output Code Features
1 1 ~ 5V output 6 RS-485 communication
2 4 ~ 20mA output 7 Special specifications
3 Relay alarm output 0 No output

Wiring diagram

Enter single or dual thermocouple, RTD signal, transmitting output isolation of single-or dual linear current or voltage signal, and improve electrical isolation input, output and power supply.
Technical Features:
This product uses advanced digital technology, with the traditional analog instruments do not have a number of advanced performance, high, low-frequency interference signal suppression, each with outstanding performance, even in high-power variable frequency control system is still able to reliably use Meanwhile, the application of digital technology to completely overcome the traditional shortcomings of poor linear temperature transmitter, the internal use of digital calibration, no zero and span potentiometers, automatic dynamic zero calibration, automatic temperature drift compensation, and many other advanced technologies, and in line with IEC61000-4-4: 1995 set forth in the fourth category (poor industrial field) environment on the product resistance to electromagnetic interference requirements, this series of technology application so that the stability and reliability of the product of scientific assurance.
I. Product Overview
ZRN-WB series temperature transmitter is a high quality 24VDC transmitter power supply, two-wire or three-wire output. This temperature transmitter module integrated circuit, the RTD or thermocouple signal is amplified and converted into a standard current or voltage signal has the following characteristics: can be installed directly in the sensor junction box, can be remote, high precision, interference, good stability, dense rail installation The products are widely used in industrial control in all areas.
Second, the principle
Temperature sensor affected by temperature resistance or potential effect generated by the conversion produces a voltage signal. This signal is amplified by the operational range of the corresponding output and 4-20mA or 0-10mA current or 0-5V 0-10V voltage signal.
Third, the main technical performance
1. Thermal resistance measurement range: Pt100 -200-600 ℃ Cu50 -50-150 ℃ can output 4-20mA 0-10mA 0-5V
2. Thermocouple Measurement Range: K Indexing: 0-1200 ℃, E indexing: 200-800 ℃ can output 4-20mA
3. Accuracy: RTD, ± 0.2%, ± 0.3% thermocouple, 1%; cold junction compensation accuracy ± 0.2% / 60 ℃
4. Temperature drift: quality level drift (± 0.01% ℃, annual drift (± 0.5% ℃ general industrial grade temperature drift (± 0.025% ℃
5. Temperature range: -20-70 ℃
6. Supply voltage: 24VDC ± 10% (4-20mA current transmitter minimum operating voltage of 10V remaining need for load use), voltage output of the power supply voltage higher than the output voltage of 4V to work (such as 0-5V, 9V power supply can be) is generally divided into two power supply 12V and 24V.
7. Load capacity: (4-20 mA current type) 0-600 Ohm, voltage change impact (± 0.015% V, the maximum output voltage-current (3mA
8. Environmental humidity: (85% and non-corrosive